2021 End of Year Countdown [part 2]

The Final Countdown! [For 2021]


End of year countdown 2021 [part 2]

My favorite kind of article. A part to of a countdown that is a rehash of a countdown I already did. I have this blogging thing down.

Here we are the long awaited part to of my 2021 countdown.
Now it has only been 2 weeks so it really hasn’t been that long. Also I really don’t think most people care at all so not really awaited either. but never the less here we are.
I don’t really have much more to add so lets get back in to it.

Number 5: MK11

Taking the fifth spot is a game some might find it surprising to see on my list. I haven’t been playing this long and I really suck at it, but the truth is this game is amazing. It is the only accessible main stream game where sighted and blind players are on as even a playing field as it is possible to be.
I certainly can’t play this as much as some people, but I enjoy it when ever I do. It is only in fifth place because of the hours I’ve put in to the other games in the top four spots. If you haven’t checked out MK and you like punching and or kicking things. I recommend this to any and all of you.
As for knocking Top Speed out of the top 5. Well Top Speed is a fun game and it was still on this list but it has been bumped because better games exist.

Number 4: Sequence Storm

A game that really doesn’t get the credit it deserves. This is with out question the best rhythm based game on the market and even better it is playable by sighted and blind players. If it was available with multiplayer it would probably be at the top of my list.
for those who don’t know this is a cross between a racing game and rhythm game. You race other AI players on different tracks. You build up speed by following the sequence in rhythm.
This has knocked tube sim off this list. It says allot about how boring I was before that my fourth favorite game was a train driving sim. While I still enjoy tube sim occasionally, It really isn’t top 10 material any more.

Number 3: QuentinC Playroom

I mean I don’t really think I need to say much here. This is a collection of games that you can play online. mostly card and dice games with a few board games thrown in to the mix.
These are simple but fun. A good time can be had playing with friends especially if alcohol gets involved.
This is also the exact position it was in 4 years ago so not much needs to be said. a few new games have been added over those years and the interest is still there.

Number 2: Crazy Party

Like number three on this list Crazy Party retains its position from 4 years ago. While I don’t enjoy battles much any more, I can still have a good time playing the mini games.
Ok let me be honest. This doesn’t really deserve the number two spot. The fact is I don’t play this any where near as much as I used to, and I basically only battle when new cards come out and I need to unlock them. That being said, I do still have fun playing it and BSG still streams it at least once a month, so it can retain it spot at least for now. We will have to wait and see if it hangs on to number 2 into the future…almost certainly not.

Number 1: Alter Aeon

Like last time if you know me much at all you probably could have seen this coming.
In July 2020 Smoke and I streamed Alter Aeon and it was meant to just be a bit of fun. Make fun of this stupid mud and move on. Now 18 months on we both have several characters and at least 1 very high level character each.
I have thrown more time in to this game in the past 18 months than every other game on this list combined. I really enjoy this game even though I never really thought I would be someone who played it. I avoided it for so long and now I am addicted.
If you play Alter and ever want to say hi. I am usually playing as my main Character Kristy. But I also have Mulan, Squirtle, Eluveitie and Jinx.
As for the knocking off of Swamp from this list. Swamp didn’t really stand a chance. While I played Swamp for a long time and enjoyed plenty about it. By the end I really didn’t have fun playing it. Between bugs and the community it finally got old and I walked away from it.
I appreciate the friends I made playing Swamp and I wouldn’t have thought 4 years ago that Swamp wouldn’t even make the top 10 in 2021, but here we are and Alter Aeon is now the king of the hill.
So I look forward to finding out what my top game in 2025 will be when I feel the need to walk away from alter.

Some honorable Mentions

Like last time I would like to take a moment to mention a few games that didn’t make my top 10 this time for different reasons but I feel should get a shoutout.

PGA 2k21: a golf game that really never really got considered for the top 10. But it is enjoyable to grab a few beers and play this on stream. If you like golf. Apart from being a psychopath you might enjoy this.

Crafting kingdom: Honestly I don’t really play this game any more. Just a simple resource management game for Iphone. I feel it deserves a mention because of all the hours I put in to it when I did play.

Expanding known space: Again haven’t really played this recently. But this space war game was allot of fun. If it was online it would have made the top 10 I am sure.

Woven words: A fun little crossword game for Iphone. I play this just a little but I love it when I do. A grate time killer.

Miriani: Space mud. Don’t play it much. did play it a bunch for a while. then quit, now I am back but honestly don’t play it all that much. Can be kind of fun.

Final Thoughts

It has actually been really interesting to compare what games I was playing to what games I am playing now.
I always enjoy making lists and these countdowns are always grate. But this one has been an especially interesting experience.
Hopefully you enjoy reading it and I will chuck some links down the below to previous related articles.

full list

If you can’t be bothered going back and reading the last part here is the full list.
10: A Heroes call replacing Adventure At :C.
09: Top Speed 3 replacing Entombed.
08: Dice World replacing Survive the Wild.
07: Scrabble replacing Cast Aways 2.
06: Survive the Wild replacing Dungeon.
05: MK11 replacing Top Speed 3.
04: Sequence storm replacing Tube Sim.
03: QuentinC’s Playroom same as previously.
02: Crazy Party same as previously.
01: Alter Aeon replacing Swamp.


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Have you played any of these games? What games do you think should have made my list? Drop a comment below.

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