Hannibal’s Top 10 Games List Part 3


Hannibal’s top 10 games count down part 3

So part 3, numbers 6 down to 4. These games were probably the hardest for me to pick. My top 3 were easy and my lower 4 pretty easy. But these 3 choosing the order these would go in was hard.

Number 6

Dungeon: I can no longer tell if this is a real list or if I’m just taking the piss now.
This game is stupid. its dumb and no it really doesn’t deserve the number 6 spot on this list. But in saying that it is amazing and every one should play it.
This game is a game with an interesting arrangement of sounds in which you wonder through a house that is a porn lovers wet dream.
You work your way through different rooms picking up different items which will allow you to arouse and excite the different women you meet along the way. Weather its spanking, hot wax or any of the other kinks on display. get ready for some good old fucking!
When I first played this game I thought it was fucking amazing. Now several years on I still think its fucking amazing. This is a game that’s sounds are just weird and bad. to sounds that sound like they have been cut from amateur hour on porn hub. for all I know that might have been where they came from. The game play is simple and silly with lots of dumb little things to do along the way.

Its position on the count down

RIP Jim Kitchen
I could give you a dozen reasons why this game is on this count down. and probably a dozen more why it shouldn’t be here at all. But in the end I really had some fun with this game. I have played around with sounds out of this game to make pornographic mods for other games. It has brought me joy not only playing it. but showing it to blind and sighted friends. It deserves its spot here.

Drink while playing

Doesn’t matter they all give you energy to fuck.

Sound track for the game

The sound track to get him to the Greek. If you haven’t seen that movie most of the songs are about fucking.

Number 5

Top Speed 3: On your marks get set, wait, wait, wait, I need to plug in my controller, ok, ok we can go, on your marks get set, wait, wait, wait, wait, oh fuck it just go.
If you had told me 10 years ago that as a blind person I would be able to play a car racing game that had controller support on my computer. I would have said that sounds interesting please tell me more. That or something along the lines of fuck you fuck off your drunk go home. But never the less sharp turn crash is a remarkably fun game.
The idea behind this game is actually super simple which is why I think it works so well. Manage your speed as you go through turns left or right. Their are different surfaces which can effect the handling of your car. and the different cars handle differently as well.
Even if arguably there is only a handful of cars worth picking. It is still fun every now and then to have a race wear every person is driving an old school bus.
The random feature is also nice to really mix things up with the cars and tracks.

It’s position

Honestly this game could have ended up higher on this list if it wasn’t for the fact it has never held my interest for a long period of time.
I enjoy playing from time to time. and over the years I have played many races. But never more then 1 or 2 races here and their.

Drink of Choice

Never drink and drive kids. You might spill your drink.
But if you insist. A nice vodka red bull to get your heart rate up before a race.

Sound track for the game

Some fast paced punk is nice for a racing game. a day to remember or rise against.

Number 4

Tube Sim: You know if you crank the speed up to 80 we’d get there much faster.
Have you ever wanted to be a train driver? No what about learning about the London underground? Still no what about you know what never mind this isn’t about you.
The attention to detail that has been put in to the game is quite remarkable. from the different lines you can travel on, to keeping your passengers happy and safe makes this game as realistic as they come.
What this game does it does well. While at first look it might seem like it would be relatively easy. It is a tricky game to get the hang of all the things you have to do to keep your passengers happy.

Position on the count down

This game appeals to me because I love trains. I grew up loving trains so being able to drive one in a game is awesome to me. But I completely understand that this game would not appeal to many people.

Drink for game play

Whisky neat or on the rocks. A gentlemen’s drink for a well, train driver.

Sound Track

This usually had me putting my acoustic playlist on. Just some soft background music while I drive my train.


If you would like to try any of the above, you can find them at the following.

click to get dungeon.

click to open Top Speed 3 download page.

click to go to the Tube Sim page.

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