Hannibal’s top 10 games part 4


Part 4

So here we are. the top 3 games in my end of year count down. Are you all ready to learn something new about me? Unless you already know very little about me in which case are you prepared for an unsurprising end to this count down? Good then lets go!

Number 3

QuentinC’s Playroom: Hey this is cheating this is like 25 plus games in 1.
I don’t really know what I can say that I didn’t say in my article comparing this to RS games. This is a collection of games including but not limited to monopoly, chess, 1000 miles, connect 4 battle ship and more.
If you have 5 minutes or an hour you can find something to play on here. This game is probably the longest running game for me right now that I have been playing consistently. I first played back in 2013 and since have clocked up many hours playing most of the games on there.
It is also interesting to note that I found out about a lot of the other games on this count down from people on QC. That includes my number 1 game. So in a way this got me to alot of my favourite games.

Its position

I considered this game for a long time. But third is wear it fits best. I have clocked a lot of hours on here and enjoy it a lot. But numbers 1 and 2 just can’t be beat in my mind for games I have played.

Drink of choice

A nice cold beer on a hot summers day to kick back and just play some simple games.

Sound Track

It depends on the game. Being that I have been playing this so long in so many moods. The music I listen to can vary. But as I write this I am listening to The Black Dahlia Murder so I will say that.

Number 2

Crazy Party: OK lets see I have to run along with an umbrella protecting a duck. oh get over it. that is the first mini game and there is 180 plus of the fucking things now.
I agree with me. that duck game is annoying. But it is also the first in many games so another good point me.
This is another game that I have written about before on here. The mini games, the micro games, the battle, the boards, unlocking cards and getting gems. This game as amazing fun.
I have thrown many hours in to this and I will almost certainly spend many more hours. Every up date brings new challenges and I fucking love it!
If you haven’t tried Crazy Party I urge you to try it. Like wise if you tried it and couldn’t get passed the first mini game or battle gym. I say try again. This game is grate. you will find so many little games to play that can be lots of fun. Hanging on Skype or VT or TT or what ever just having a laugh and playing with friends. Orr spending hours unlocking cards to do battle. this game can fit to the way you play games in it is fantastic. Especially as you unlock more worlds you will find more and better mini games.

It’s position on the count down

Honestly this and number 1 are almost interchangeable in my mind. The 2 are both games I love. But number 1 has years on Crazy Party. And I have spend far more time playing number 1. So CP is number 2.

Drink of Choice

Shots doesn’t matter what. just turn this in to a drinking game. Makes it even more fun!

Sound Track

Live music is what I like while playing this I don’t know why. A little Iron maiden, bullet for my valentine, Amon amarth, Paramore doesn’t matter. just chuck on their live album and kick some battle butt.

Number 1

Swamp: Show of hands. any one that knows Hannibal. are you surprised? no good lets move on then.
Shoot zombies. Bit of PVP, loot, loot, loot! warehouse missions, ctf, LMS. Defenders maybe. Stop Hannibal, stop.
I started playing this game back in 2014. It took me weeks to get in to it. I had never played a game like it before. I am yet to find a game since either.
I have spent thousands of hours logged in to this game. Maybe even thousands playing it. I love Swamp and while I know many people have moved on. It is something that after 3 years I still love running around looting. missioning. PVP.
The different mission types can be lots of fun. Learning what weapons to use and when. Killing lots of zombies just cause you can. Swamp has been my game of choice for a very long time.
I still remember when I first paid for Swamp. I came home from a concert [The Amity Affliction for those who wondered.] I just thought fuck it and bought an account. I spent several months after that wandering around the first 2 maps shooting zombies to gain a few levels. I never thought then that I would end up playing this game for 3 years plus and reach level 1000 or more and all the other things I have done on the game.
Their has been so many mile stones. Reaching level 1000. Getting the title of Lord, Reaching level 1000 after the level adjustment, Reporting people for cheating who got banned. Not exactly a mile stone but satisfying in its own way.
I have made friends got in to arguments and so much more. I could go on and on about what Swamp means to me. In the end I am glad that I kept at it when it seemed hard at first because I now have so many fantastic memories from playing this game.

Its Position

I don’t know what I can say here that I didn’t say in the above section. This game got its spot fair and square and I never even thought twice about what game was going to be number 1.

Drink of choice

Just drink all the alcohol!
I mean I have drank it all while playing this. Beer to vodka and anything in between that I actually drink.

Sound track

I have a map mod for Swamp called my mix metal mod that puts a different song from a different artist on each map. Some of these include, Aversions crown, Foxblood, Amon Amarth, Bullet for my Valentine, Unleash the Archers, Slipknot and several more.

A look back

If you missed any game in this count down and are to lazy to go back and read all the other articles here is the full list.

10: Adventure At :C
09: Entombed
08: Survive the Wild
07: Cast Aways 2
06: Dungeon
05: top Speed 3
04: Tube Sim
03: QuentinC’s Playroom
02: Crazy Party
01: Swamp

Honourable Mentions

So their are a couple of games that didn’t make this count down that I thought could get a few sentences here at the end. [this was originally going to be its own article but things got in the way this week and it ends up as a side note here.] So here are just a couple of games that didn’t make the count down but I like to play from time to time.
Blind fold Break Out: This is a brick smashing game on the Iphone. It didn’t end up making the count down cause their really isn’t much substance to this game. However I have spent some time on it while sitting around waiting for things when I had nothing else to do.
Light cars: A old-school arcade type game simplistic but at the time I originally played it annoyingly addictive. Again not a hole lot of substance here but a few hours of fun for me for sure.
Psycho Strike: A side scrolling game. I actually really enjoyed this. unfortunately it had very little replay value so after the first go through that was kind of it for this game.
Cast Aways: So cast aways 2 made the list, honestly cast aways could almost have made this list to but I just never could quite get in to it after the first couple of times I played it.
Humans verses robots: I actually thought this game had a fun concept but after a couple of weeks of play and some changes that seemed a little odd to me I kind of gave up on this. But if it is still around I might go back to it some day.

Rap up

I hope you have enjoyed my end of year count down. Consider this my present to you all. Seriously because your not getting anything else. From me.
I have had a lot of fun writing these. If you enjoyed them let me know. Maybe I will do more in the future. If smoke hasn’t fired me maybe next December.
Drop a comment what are some of your favourite games. Have I convinced you to try any new games. What would you like me to count down in the future.


You can grab any of the top 3 games from the following links.
click to open the QuentinC’s playroom page in a new window.

click to open the Crazy Party website in a new window.

click to open the Swamp download page in a new window.

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  1. Hi there. I’d like to add time of conflict from GMA to this list. I think it is a pretty neat game, very replayable in my opinion, and if you are into warfare, it is a very cool game. Just that, for the moment.

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