2021 End of Year Countdown! [Part 1]


Hannibal’s updated favorite games list

Games all the games, lets talk about games! ok I haven’t done much about gaming on this blog for a few months so this feels like a return to normality.


I feel like I have cheated on 2 counts here. I am bringing back the end of year countdowns which no one has ever said they enjoy. But I have double down because this is literally a copy of my 2017 countdown.
Well I should say it isn’t a copy I am not just reposting my 2017 lists. Back in 2017 I came up with my favorite games of all time, but like many things, times change and this list needs to be up dated.
So even though this feels like a cop out, the truth is I have new games I like. Some made the list again, while others I can’t believe made the list back then.


So I just want to take a second for those who didn’t read my original articles, and have no plan to do so.
Originally I split this list in to 4 parts but this time round I am stream lining and just going to make it 2 parts.
I also broke each entry down in to several small sections including why I included it at that position, what I liked to drink while I played and what music I listen to while playing. I am dropping all of these. Honestly I will drink anything while playing games and musically I listen to metal, pink and Shakira so just imagine that.
As this is an up date I will mention what was on the list in each position back in 2017 and try and explain why it has been moved on the list or dropped entirely.
I will also include links at the end of both parts of this countdown to the original articles.
So with out any more shit lets get in to the list!

Number 10: A Hero’s Call

So right off the bat we have a game that didn’t make my list back in 2017. This was for a few reasons but the main one is probably that it wasn’t out when I originally wrote this list. With saying that, the irony is if this game came out back in 2017 in time for this list it for sure would have taken a spot much higher on the list.
As it is this game is now lost some what to time. While I enjoyed this game greatly when I played it, I haven’t touched it for well over a year now.
It is a really well done audio game. It brings hours of fun as you explore, solve puzzles and battle enemies. At the time It was a step up from so much of the crap we were getting in the audio games community. It also had a good story, and if they had continued to develop it I am certain it would have reached a higher point on this list.
This is a new game to the list and it has ousted “Adventure At C:” from the tenth position. How ever if I am being honest “Adventure At C:” was a 0 chance entry this time round. It didn’t even make the short list for this year. While I enjoyed Adventure at C: it was a game from another time. Many other better games have come since and it has had to bow out gracefully.

Number 9: Top Speed3

Now this is where the list gets confusing. Top Speed knocks entombed off the list, however Top Speed was on the old list as well in the number 5 position.
for those who don’t know Top Speed is a audio racing game. It is allot of fun especially to play with some friends. You can play with a keyboard or a controller and it can be played on or off line. I actually enjoy this game but I don’t play it very often. It is also sadly quite an old game and it hasn’t been developed for along time. Had they stuck with it I am certain it could be a much bigger and better game. As it is in 4 years it has slipped down 4 spots on my favorite games list, and I am sure that in years to come it will slide right off this list.
For the time Top Speed has made number 9 and kicked entombed off. Entombed like “Adventure at C:” shows where I was at 4 years ago with gaming I guess. I really enjoyed entombed, it was one of the first Audio games I ever played, But like adventure at C: I haven’t touch this game in years and it wasn’t even considered for this years list.

Number 8: Dice World

Time to get confusing again. Dice world takes the number 8 spot. It has taken the place of Survive the wild, however Survive the wild is going to be on the list later on.
Dice world is a really fun but simple game. Unlike most things on this list I would say on average I might play dice world for 5 minutes at any given time.
It is a collection of 6 dice games which you can play with bots or with actual people. I mostly play this when I first wake up or before I go to sleep at night.
While it isn’t balls to the wall excitement, it is amusing and fun if you are stuck with nothing to do on long car rides or during power outages.
As for bumping STW well that game will be talked about again shortly so lets just say I still like STW.

Number 7″ Scrabble

I absolutely love Scrabble. It is one of my favorite board games and I was very happy when I got a braille version of it years ago; So when RS Games released it I was so very happy. While RS Games didn’t make this list Scrabble absolutely had to.
If you are ever looking for a game feel free to hit me up.
Scrabble is in, but it has bumped Cast Aways II.
Cast Aways 2 is a game that had allot of potential, but honestly never went anywhere. Like many of Aprone’s projects this could have been a fantastic game. Instead it has been doomed to the ether of games that could have been. With that fact it has dropped from my favorites list likely to never return.

Number 6: Survive The Wild

Survive the wild is our second returning game. Unlike Top Speed Survive the Wild has climbed instead of dropping.
Of all the games on this list Survive the wild is the one I have been playing the longest. Even after all this time I am still in to you.
Look I started writing that sentence, it became a Paramore reference, Just deal with it.
The truth is I still enjoy playing this game. I don’t play it allot but it is still enjoyable to play and it is still being developed so over the years it has continued to grow and change.
It also occasionally gets streamed here on BSG so keep an eye out if you are interested in that.
STW bumped Dungeon off the list. Dungeon was a silly little sex game by Jim Kitchen. It was amusing but I can’t believe it ever made my list of top 10 games.

final thoughts and part 2

It is truly interesting for me to make this list. not only does it give me a chance to look back on my early blog posts (which side note. The early drafts of my blog posts were really bad).
It is also fun to see how the games I played 4 years ago have changed.
I will be dropping part 2 of this post in 2 weeks time. If you are reading this at any point after the day it was posted it will be out sooner. or maybe already out.


Any guesses as to what will make my top 5? What will be number 1. that actually isn’t hard to work out.

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