About the BSG blog

Black Screen Gaming was created on April 1 of 2016 by Smoke, and has become a main source for detailed text and audio guides, but it was never meant to be a place for longer form reviews and thoughts on games. Because of this the BSG Blog was created in August of 2017.

Since the creation of the BSG Blog it has expanded and grown to include more than just Audio games and reviews. A lot of this was because of Hannibal and his ability to write a blog post about everything from cake, kittens, tacos and blankets. Though the blog still has plenty of game reviews we also cover gaming equipment, general blindness topics, and random entertaining articles tossed in here and there.

BSG is an umbrella which covers many different things now. There is the main site with all the detailed guides and walk-throughs for audio games. The blog which allows contributors to express their thoughts and opinions on games, equipment, and randomness. The BSG Live streams with Smoke, Pyro, Jimmy, and Hannibal. Then an assortment of different smaller projects like Hamada’s Crazy Party mini-game list manager. We are now branching out into other sites outside the BSG umbrella with things like book clubs, and other things to come which aren’t far enough out of development to go into.

BSG started small on a little shared web host and now has grown to a VPS running all sorts of things. No small part of this was Hamada and his knowledge on Linux and coding. Smoke runs the site and organizes most everything, but without a team of people helping the site wouldn’t grow into what it has become today.

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