Patreon game nights

I’m always trying to think up more things I can do for patreons since they part with some of their money each month and sent it towards BSG. One of these things is a patreon game night. I’ve had a few people ask me what a “Patreon game night” is so I figured I’d make a page here on the blog to explain it.

The original idea was to make the patreon game night into a streamed show on BSG, but that has been put on the back burner for now. Currently it is a very social and relaxed thing. It is just where me(smoke), Hannibal, and pyro will hang-out in the patreon channel on the BSG Team Talk server and play some games with patreons. It isn’t a big hoo-ra or anything, just a informal time to hang out and play some games. It is all about being social, and less about the games.

We play games anyone could find on RS or QC games, but only patreons can join the tables. Sometimes others you might have heard in streams will show up too depending on their schedules. Even if no patreons manage to show up me and Hannibal will probably talk shit to one another and play some Uno.

This is just a way to have some extra interaction with patreons since they do so much for the site. There is no minimum requirement for patronage, every dollar helps the site and all who are on patreon are welcome. We will BS and play games for a couple hours every month, and overall it is just a good time. The normal time is looking like around 8:00pm EST on Fridays every month.

If you are already signed up to patreon hop on and join the channel when we have a Patreon game night. You can also visit the page covering game nights on the patreon portal.If you are unsure about anything just skype blackscreengaming, dm @bsg_blog or email If you aren’t signed up already, you can do so and come hang out on the private Patreon channel.

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