Hannibal’s Top 10 Games part 2


Hannibal’s top 10 Audio Games part 2.

So part 2 of the count down. Originally this was going to be 10 separate articles. I ditched that idea in favour of just posting each Friday. So here we go number 9, 8 and 7.

Number 9

Entombed: World of war craft for the blind. You know assuming world of war craft was pretty simplistic. turn based and you know what its really not world of war craft I take that back.
You wonder through an underground dungeon, learning magic, finding and using weapons and armour, levelling and fighting enemies in turn based combat.
This game was the last game I played before I really got in to online gaming.
I remember spending hours and hours playing through the different dungeon levels. working out puzzles. discovering bugs.
It was the type of game I was able to dive in to and really enjoy. the some what random nature of the game also offered a bunch of replay value to this game.

Its count down Position

Some what ironically if this count down was on length of time playing this game would be in fourth or fifth. But it slips a few positions in the years since I last played it.
I did really enjoy this game and I through a lot of time in to it. But at some point I moved on to something else and was just never able to get back in to it.

drink for the game

Southern comfort and coke.
As I sit here writing I reflect upon 1 evening. I started playing at probably 7 at night. I was on Skype chatting with friends. drinking my Soco and coke. and on that fateful evening I completed entombed for the first time. That was at around 5 in the morning. I have very little memory of that first time. Lucky I did go back through when I was more sober.

Sound track for the game

I don’t know why but Halestorm always got me ready to play this game. The song “I miss the Misery” was a particular favourite while ice blasting goblins.

Number 8

Cast Aways 2: Farmville for the you know what lets not keep making this joke.
In this game you find or collect resources like wood stone and food, You then use these to build up a settlement eventually growing to mining and possibly event attacking others to steal their stuff.
This game holds a special place for me. It was the first game I ever got to do testing on and that was a lot of fun. So thanks Aprone.
Sadly this game does some what rely on other people playing both for the competition element. and to help grow the market. But sadly after the first 2 or 3 months the number of players on the server were minimal and it did become some what difficult to keep playing.
I did personally have lots of fun for a couple of months playing this game. Trying different things each month. Being a try hard and getting first on the leader board a couple of times.


This game was lots of fun. I remember many evenings testing and then playing. But sadly the interest from the community only lasted a few months. and with out others playing it struggled and I have only logged on once or twice in the last year.
Also I lost all my achievements at some point and then I was just a little bit sad.

Drink of choice

Beer, hands down beer. kick back, do some testing or playing with a nice cold beer.

Sound track to the game

Well this game was happening around the time Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden toured Australia so I remember listening to a hole bunch of those 2 bands while playing this.

number 7

Survive the Wild: The only game that understands when you jump off a mountain the only way to survive it is to land in a puddle of water.
Does what it says in the title. Your in the wild most of the time. Their are different environments and you have to well survive.
I think the best way to talk about this game is to think of it like sex. You do it by yourself but its not as good. It is much more fun to do it with some one else unless that person is really bad at it. You can by things to enhance the experience but you don’t need them to enjoy it. And most guys will some how turn it in to a dick measuring contest.
Honestly I have been playing this game for several years now. While I can’t say that I have played consistently for very long. I always do seem to work my way back to it. Usually some one I know is playing and I find my way back for a time.

Its Position

Honestly I debated for a long time on where this game would go in this list. I have enjoyed myself playing. But this game has also made me annoyed at times. Their are elements I really don’t like. But in the end I had to accept that I have had fun on this game even though the revolver only holds 1 bullet yet my crossbow can hold 5 arrows.

Drink of choice

Pretty much anything. Get good and drunk and waste death free cards as you attempt to do stupid shit, that you could easily pull of sober. but drunk you have no hope.

Sound track

99 bottles of beer on the wall. See how far you can get through the song as you row to the fishing village.


Tune in Next Friday when I count down numbers 6, 5 and 4. But if you would like any of these games you can get them at the following.
click to open the download page for Entombed in a new window.

click to open The survive the wild download page in a new window.

click to open the Audiogames thread about Castaways 2.

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