Lockdown Achievements


Lockdown Achievements

I will give you all a bonus achievement for reading this article all the way to the end. Seriously. Have an extra one.


I had fully planned to write a very serious article all about how this year has affected the mental health of so many.
Don’t hold your breath that is

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Revenge of the Undead review


Revenge of the Undead.
Review by Hannibal

I still carry a little PTSD from my time on Swamp. But never the less here we are playing another Zombie Shooter.


I hadn’t planned to get this game and try it out. But Sovs suggested I do it so here we are.
Quick side note. If you don’t know

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Strange Places For Braille


Strange Places for Braille.

Braille can be extremely useful for the blind community. From reading and writing, to labeling and learning, braille is everywhere. But it can be found in some strange places as well.


I like to believe that every blog post I have ever posted has deep meaning behind it. Back

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Food For Thought

Food Fails Part 2


Food for thought.

If a sighted person has never sniffed something to check if it is alright or shaken a bottle to see how much is left. They are missing out on some valuable life skills.


It always seems like a cop out when people make a part 2 of something. Come up with more original content. But never

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The Illusion Of Choice In Gaming

If A is B and C is A then What is B?


What would you like to say? 1: I don’t like you. 2: It isn’t that I hate you I just don’t like you. 3: Well I don’t like you but…


When it comes to choices in games we all like them, and the more the better. Before absolutely no one says anything I know not everyone likes

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Rules For Gamers


Honestly I could probably have made this 5 rules or 25 rules. But 10 seemed like a good number so lets start here.


This article is actually an idea I have had kicking around for a long time.
But I finally got off my metaphorical ass. I say metaphorical because I am still very much sitting on my

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Sounds Of Eden Review


Sounds of Eden: review: by Hannibal

You step in to a world. a world unlike any other. you take a step and then another step. where are you going and what is your plan. It doesn’t matter you are here and that is all that matters.


So I can’t deny I had been hearing allot about this Audio experience

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1 Year of the BSG Book Club

Still Going Strong


Black Screen Gaming Book Club

You might be forgiven for thinking that BSG is all about games and streams where we say mean thinks at each other and our Patreons. But it is important to remember that once a month we get together in a nice casual way and talk about books.


A year ago I posted an article

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Curse of the Crystal Coconut review


Curse of the Crystal Coconut – by – Alestorm
Review – by – Hannibal.

Your pirate ship can eat a bag of dicks, Your pirate ship can eat a giant bag of dicks.
As I am a pirate Captain, doing this review is fitting!
Today we will be talking about the sixth studio album

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