Hannibal’s Top 10 Audio-games

Number 10


Hannibal’s Audio games Top 10!

Does it get more clichéd then an end of year count down? Probably but never the less here we are. This will be the first of the 10 count down articles as I count down my favourite Audio-games

How it Works

Before we jump in I just want to explain that some of these games especially if you know me might seem surprising. But every game on this count down at some time or another has taken and held my interest for a reasonable period of time. That or I just fun them stupidly fun.
Their is also going to be some stupid stuff like what I like to drink and or listen to while playing these games.
I also guess most people that know me can guess what some of my top picks will be. But never the less. let us begin.

Number 10

Adventure At C:
This is a game I found stupidly addictive. You play as a guy who some how gets in to the hard drive of his computer and battle your way through various folders to get to the final enemy. I’m not sure how you kill computer viruses with a knife. But I’m not here to argue over realism in games.
For the span of 2 to 4 weeks I played this game for quite some time every day.
While I’m not a huge fan of side scrolling games. The puzzle elements of this game, mixed with a difficulty system that works really well. and some genuine challenges through out the game. makes for a pretty dam good game.
The incentive for playing the game is enjoyment and the challenge. But various achievements and a set of difficulty levels allowing you to make the game hard really makes this game not only fun for people who like this kind of thing. But give it a heap of replay value.

Its position

This game just scraped in to this top 10. While I really enjoyed playing this game. It does have a certain level of repetition to the hole thing. While puzzles are fun. you do get a bit sick of bashing every enemy over the head with the knife after a while. The laser works to. but on your first run through its the balance of using the laser and knowing when you will need a fully charged laser.
The sounds are reasonably good. Although it always bothered me that it sounds like your walking along concrete the hole time your inside a computer.

Best drink to have during play

I do some what recall an evening trying to complete the final section of the game. I got very drunk playing every time you die take a sip of vodka and coke.

Sound Track to game play

During most games I have a band or album I like listening to while playing. Fear factory was my band of choice during this wonderful game! The speed of the music amped me up. and the futuristic themes of the music seem to fit with the game play to a degree.


This game is some fun. If you’d like to try it you can get it at.
click to open AAC in a new window.
Feel free to tell me some of your favourite games in the comments below.

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  1. just downloaded adventure at c: after rage quitting it last year at level 2. gonna try again and try not to break another keyboard.

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