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The 5th BSG Singing Competition Stream Schedules, Song Listings, & Special Performances

101 songs is a lot of songs…

You all did it! we have 101 songs for the 5th BSG singing Competition…this is so insaine. Every prize was unlocked! Now all that’s left is to listen to the songs live on stream with everyone else. Read on for all the stream details, song order, and special song surprises.

Quick Info

  • Total entries: 101.
  • Solo Entries by category: 59 solo good category submissions, and 26 solo bad category submissions.
  • Duet entries by category: 12 good duets, and 4 bad duets.
  • Total prize pool: $600.
  • Good Category Stream starting time: Friday April 5th at 5:00pm eastern.
  • Bad Category Stream starting time: Saturday April 6th at 5:00pm eastern.
  • Where to listen: The BSG Twitch Page.
  • Also streamed on the BSG Facebook Page.

Detailed Streaming schedule and notes

Since we got over 40 total

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The 5th BSG Singing Competition with $600 in Prizes Is Now Open!

We love the best good and the worst bad singers equally


It has been a while, but we are back with the 5th BSG Singing Competition with $600 in cash to give away! Everyone’s favorite singing event where we appreciate both good and bad singers equally is officially open with the publication of this post, so read on for all the details, then get to picking your song and amazing us with your beautiful or horrible singing. We want this one to be the biggest yet, so don’t hesitate to share the competition around, and encourage others to join the party. Lets go! Read more

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choose what song Sarah, Smoke, & Hannibal Sing

the 5th singing competition is coming with a twist

In the past we have allowed people to choose what song me and Hannibal cover, but this time we are adding Sarah into the fun, and throwing her at your mercy. That’s correct, for the 5th singing competition you can directly choose what song the three of us cover together in our triet. There are some fun choices, so read on to see how it all works, and to hopefully put a bid in on what song you’d like us to cover. Read more


Voyage Album Review

Not Metal Review

Voyage: Album by the longest Johns.
Review By Hannibal.

Good evening, aren’t we lucky to be here right now, and I can’t remember when the sun went down. We’ll be lucky if there’s a bar in town that welcomes us tonight, but there is money in our pockets and the Llandogers in sight. Read more

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Competitive Blind Racing Forza Motorsport Series

My car goes vroomo Vroomo

Forza Motorsport is here, and because of the incredible accessibility built into the game we are now able to hold blind racing competitions! read on to see the rules, format, and everything you’ll need to know about how it works.

Quick Information
  • online competitive Forza Motorsport series
  • randomly selected tracks.
  • Rolling scoring system through the series.
  • Prize money for the winner of the series.
  • Different car class and PI rules for each series.
  • competitive race rules to pit blind racers against other blind racers.
The First Event

Make sure to read on to get all the information about the event and how it

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4th singing competition song order, prizes,and special performances

the mouth noises are done! next stop Saturday’s stream!


Only two more sleeps until the 4th BSG Singing Competition stream goes live on the BSG twitch. Submissions were open for over a month this time, and we got a nice even 60 entries between 3 categories. Now comes the hardest part, waiting until July 15th at 4:30pm eastern when we can all finally listen to everyone’s entries for the first time. Read on to find out when, where, and how much money we are giving away; along with the randomized order we are using to listen to everyone’s entries. Good luck to everyone,and read on for all the details Read more