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The 2nd BSG Singing Competition With Two $100 Prizes!

rhythm and mouth noises galore


Last year we came up with the greatest idea in the history of BSG. A singing competition with a $100 prize. Now the time for the second singing competition has arrived, and we have increased the prize pool, split it into two categories, and tweaked it to make it better for everyone! this won’t

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6 Year Anniversary Stream of Greatness

5 hours of Guests, Giveaways, and Booze

278 views We have plans, and they are going to be executed in a spectacular drunken fashion! The BSG six year anniversary stream is happening Saturday April 9th at 6:30pm eastern, and you won’t want to miss it. This post will go over everything including the schedule, games, guests, and

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Hannibal’s 2022 New year Resolutions

Hug a Stranger


Why the fuck am I still wishing people happy new year on the 7th of January. If you didn’t say it to me on the first I couldn’t give a shit. the second…fine up to the second I will accept it. After that we all know it is a new year get over it. Happy new Year everyone! Read more


2021 End of Year Countdown [part 2]

The Final Countdown! [For 2021]


End of year countdown 2021 [part 2]

My favorite kind of article. A part to of a countdown that is a rehash of a countdown I already did. I have this blogging thing down.

Here we are the long awaited part to of my 2021 countdown.
Now it has only been 2 weeks so it really hasn’t been that long.

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Words Are Hard!

Sneaky Word Tricks!


Words are hard and fuck me if people don’t appreciate this fact more.
It isn’t 1 specific thing either, but the spelling of certain words, the length, and some times the just ridiculous nature of them. This article is going to attempt to explain just how hard words can be. So if for

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