Circus Masters Revenge – Review


Circus Masters Revenge – Review by Hannibal

Lots of violence aimed mostly at clowns is what you can expect here.
So if you hate clowns, or if you like clowns but have no compunction about hurting them.
This is the game for you.

Game Info

Name: Circus Masters Revenge.
Platform: IOS.
Developer: Joe Quirk.
Year Released: 2019.
Find it on the app store here.

The Story

You play as a blind man out for a nice little stroll.
While out walking you smell popcorn and decide to investigate. While trying to score your self a snack you get knocked out.
You wake up chained to a pole, and it is here you meet the psychotic Circus Master.
His instruction is to repel the Clowns he will send at you with just the gun and bat laying near you.
If you manage this you will be released.
After repelling several waves of clowns the master changes his mind and decides to take you on the road to make money as people watch you defend yourself from wave after wave of clowns.
It is about here In the game when I stopped playing, so what happens after this point I can’t comment on.

Game Play

The game play is relatively simple. You spin your phone to line up enemies. When an enemy is lined up you can tap the screen to shoot or swipe left or right to swing your bat.
You swipe down to reload your gun and as the game will tell you once or twice, 2 finger swipe left to go back, up to pause the game and right to skip the cut scene.
Simple swiping and tapping will get you through the rest of the menus.

What’s good

If I am being honest a few good things are mixed with quite allot of bad in this game, but lets talk about what I liked about the game first.
First this game is actually something different. Too many games for IOS are rolling dice and card games. When its not just that it is 1 tap crap.
This is a game that sees something more, and even if you want to argue other games exist this is still a step in the right direction…as far as games for IOS go.
Secondly I like having new weapons to unlock. Starting out with everything is pointless, give me things to work toward. Although unlocking the AK47 second did seem a little strange to me.
Third as strange as it sounds I actually found myself getting interested in where they were taking the story, and honestly found myself wondering what would happen next.
This was also partly because I liked having a game with proper cut scenes and not just text to read.
The game is interesting and could be very immersive…it could be, but it isn’t. so lets get in to why.

What’s bad

This game has quite a number of issues, but in the end the thing that ruined it for me is that all of its problems take away from the experience of being in a game.
Loading times were terrible. In between every stage you have to hear the instructions for how to go back, pause and skip the cut scenes. To make that worse it is read in a slow text to speech voice which you can’t skip.
Once you get in to the main sequences the weapons didn’t always function as they are meant to and you are left shooting and swinging wildly. I found my self failing stages while my gun reloaded instead of shooting.
Assume the gun fires when you wanted it to, you some times found lag which means you didn’t hit what you were aiming at in time.
Finally my last issue is with the dialogue.
I enjoyed having proper cut scenes but even here I found my self pulled from the immersion as at times the dialogue was cringe worthy at best.
This could be excused if it wasn’t for the other issues with the game. In the end I found myself wanting to play on but getting too frustrated to do so.

Micro Transactions

If you have read other articles of mine you probably know I am not a big fan of these.
I didn’t take the time to look at cost so I don’t know if it is worth the price.
Some extras can be purchased if you are up for that cost.
I will leave that on you readers.

Over All

This game is not a bad game…however it also isn’t a good game.
It is a nice idea with some problems.
Give me the ability to skip or speed up some things and make all the weapons function correctly and I would call this game a pretty decent game.
Even with cringe worthy story telling it could be a good game with a few updates.

Rating & Conclusion

Hard to rate a game I like and dislike at the same time. A good idea with some pore execution.
4.5 out of 10.

Have you played? Let me know what you thought below.

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