Phrases Gamers Need To Know!


Phrases Gamers Need to Know.

Are you new to the audio games world? Perhaps you have been around a while, but every now and than you see some one say something that just doesn’t seem right.
Don’t worry my friend, Hannibal is here to help.
In another one of my amazing how to guides I am here to help you navigate the tricky world that is Internet slang used by the audiogames community.
Note: some isn’t exclusive to the audiogames community, but has either been broken or over used.


Have you seen this random bunch of letters that look like some one dropped a scrabble set?
I wouldn’t be surprised it is hard to play an online game in the blind community with out seeing it at least 687 times give or take 12 times each and every day.
But what does this random smashing of letters mean?
Well in the sighted world it is used to convey exasperation or frustration.
In the blind community it can mean any of the following:
That was funny.
Yes I’d like too.
Oh My God.
I don’t know how to respond to that.
I have a cock in my mouth and can’t speak right now.
Any of these meanings are used frequently and in all cases annoyingly.
Oh you want some examples well have 2.
Person 1: I fell over trying to carry a bottle of milk and ended up spilling milk everywhere.
Person 2: lkajsdflkjasdflkjasdlfkjasdlkjasflkjasdflkasdflj.
Person 1: I am going to get a pay increase next week.
Person 2: lkjasflkjasdfljasdflkjasdflkjasdflkjasdflkjasdlfj.
Note the lack of difference and the complete stupidity in both cases.
But lets move on.

Animal Noises

Do you have a furry persona?
Well you better get one and get one fast because to be a gamer you need to Quack, Meow, Bark, Squeak, Tweet, growl or any other animal sound you can think of.
Keep in mind you also have to crawl, paw, pad, waddle, flap, peck, bight and many other animal type things as well.
This need to be an animal is at times strange and at others down right bizarre!
How ever this does not apply only to the audio gaming community; something about online gaming just makes people want to be an animal.
Need proof? Look at my description here on the blog, because it says I am a drunk kangaroo.


I included this only because in coming up with this list it was one several people said belonged on this list. But this has been extensively covered in an article called a history of all the balls.

history of all the balls article


Now you may think you know what this means. It seems obvious doesn’t it?
But the fact is this may not mean what you think it means. It may mean the first and proper use which is.
That person is not playing fair, and is using methods that aren’t allowed in order to be better than they actually are.
But more likely in the online gaming community it means…
They are better than me so I will say they are cheating because that is the only reason they could be beating me right now!
I hope this clears up any confusion you may have and you can now use this word correctly in the audio games community from now on.


So this is another word you might have thought you new the meaning of but strangely it has taken on a new meaning in the audio gaming community.
So for those who don’t know here are 2 new meanings often used.
1: When one has there head stuck so far up there ass the concept of time ceases to mean anything. Therefore despite the fact it has been just 0.3 seconds…since you could press enter I will tell you to go.
2: I don’t wish to play on your server any more so I will annoy the shit out of you until you kick me.
The word enter in some situations can be used as well either way the desire to punch something is real!


Did I miss any? What are some that you have seen or use, let me know in the comments below.

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