Smoke’s review of Hell Hunter Anti Nomen

Welcome to the Year 2000


The same group that produced Blind Quest has another game under their umbrella titled Hell Hunter Anti Nomen. It is made by a different developer, but one under the same company. Is this another Blind Quest, or is it something better? I’ve been playing it for a couple days and have seen more

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Sonar Islands A Review

Diamonds are a Players best Friend


Sonar Islands Review ; by ; Hannibal.

The long awaited review. That no one asked for, and which I didn’t know I was reviewing until a few days before this came out, on a game I had never heard of until a week or so ago.


I blame Smoke for this review. Even though I had already downloaded the game

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Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

I Hope You Like Girth


I like boards with keys, and I’ve recently picked up another. This time it’s the Logitech g613 full sized wireless mechanical keyboard, and there is a lot to say about it. It checks a lot of my boxes, but there are also some issues I have with it. The wireless mechanical market is pretty

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Review Scrabble on RS Games


Scrabble Review.

WE have all been there, At least those of us playing Scrabble with elderly relatives trying to decide weather putting something rood on the board will be worth the scolding


It finally happened! The thing to surpass Bingo. in a moment that I honestly don’t think any one can appreciate,

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Doing It Right: Smoke’s Review

I’m a politically incorrect term


The Mobile gaming genre is a category I usually leave to Hannibal to review on the blog, but every so often a mobile game will come out on PC as well as IOS and Android. Doing It Right is one of these games, and I grabbed a copy to play for the blog. It’s a small simple game, but is it worth

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