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Lagerstein 25-7 review – by – Hannibal

Another musical review and this is time for Captain Hannibal to shine.
I am hear to review an album by a band who can be blamed for me changing my name on Teamtalk to Captain Hannibal.


Band: Lagerstein.
Album: 25-7.
Released: August 23 2019.
Origin: Australia.
Genre: Pirate Metal.


As I sit here listening to this album for about the tenth time in 3 days I just thought I would give a little background before we dive in.
This is the third release from the band Lagerstein.
They sing about pirates and drinking and just having a good time.
It is a very fun band to listen to both live and on studio albums.
All of Lagersteins albums are a story, and this one is no different. [Find a full breakdown of the story at the end of this review.]


So nothing to do but dive in to the songs themselves.
01 – Midnight Moonshine.
This song is a classic Lagerstein track. Kicks off the album with high energy. Detailing the bands plan to head west in the Moonlight to allow them to party all night.
02 – Dig Bury Drink.
This song is a slower but very catchy song.
An easy song to sing a long to, it has the feel of a song that would be fantastic live.
03 – The Wild West.
Returning to a song more like the opening track. This song has a very melodic feel.
Vocally it is one of the best songs on the album even with an interesting harmony in the chorus.
This is one of the few songs that took me a few plays to really get in to but I am on board. get it…on board…like a ship.
04 – Shoey Song.
To understand what a Shoey is see the section on Shoeys at the end of the article.
This is a fast paced song all about buying a new shoe to do a shoey. Bouncy and happy it is a simple but fun song.
05 – Drink of the Pirates.
Tales with in tales. This song is about rum and how amazing rum is!
Musically it is melodic but this is all about the vocals. In the chorus it is a crew song. Designed to be sung live with the verses all about how amazing rum is.
06 – Pina Colada Paradise.
Truly the stand out song from anything else , this song is nothing like anything else either on this album or from this band before. A reggae inspired song it is all about an island paradise where you enjoy the beaches and drink Pina coladas.
Nice and slow with a steel drum melody and a female guest vocalist providing a stunning harmony in the chorus.
It is a massive shift from anything else on the album, but yet it fits perfectly with everything else.
07 – Wench my Thirst.
Another curve ball of this album this song has a much more 80s rock feel to it.
This song is nothing but double entendres.
It is all about seeing a girl behind the bar and wanting to buy a drink from her.
You could also say it is about seeing a wench behind the bar and wanting to fuck her.
Either way a fantastic song.
08 – Off the Map.
With out question my favourite song off this album.
Heavier then anything else on the album this is Pirate Metal at its finest!
Musically it is heavy with the vocals switching seamlessly from soaring clean vocals to rougher metal style all the way to guttural growls.
A simple melody with a heavy rhythm section this song brings all of the best elements of this album together.
09 – Party Parrot.
This becomes the turning point in the story. With the ship going down the Parrot steps in to save the day. But musically this is fun for allot of reasons.
With a really funky melody this starts out sounding real catchy. Once the vocals come in it kicks up a gear and becomes a very fast paced song. Also all the bird puns!
10 – Aqua Bong.
In an album that is stupid, fun and silly this is a very serious sounding song.
I enjoy this song but it doesn’t have much to make it stand out from the rest of the album.
11 – 25 Hours.
This song is mostly just to wrap up the story.
This is the least interesting song on the album.
It isn’t bad…it just isn’t super interesting.
12 – A New Day.
This is just an interlude track.
13 – Down Under.
No strangers to a cover this is a cover of Down Under by the band Men at Work.
A perfect song to round out the album. It is a brilliant put together cover and really embodies the spirit of Lagerstein.

all together

This album for me is a perfect storm of things that I like in music.
It is heavy with allot of metal elements with plenty of softer moments as well.
It also has a mix of story telling and comedy.
This makes it allot of fun to listen to.
If you like metal, comedy, pirates and or drinking this album is for you!
I also think everyone should listen to this album!


While this isn’t one of the best albums ever made. It is fun and catchy and will be enjoyable to listen to for a long time to come.
9.5 out of 10.
Check out a few tracks below.
Listen to the first single Dig Bury Drink here.

Check out the cover of down under here.

Find the Shoey song here.

Listen to the whole album on Spotify here.

What is A Shoey

A shoey is a thing that was invented in Australia.
It was started by Racecar drivers but has since spread to other sports and even the music industry.
To perform a shoey follow these steps.
1. Remove one of your shoes.
2. Fill your shoe with a beer or other alcoholic drink.
3. Chug your drink directly from your shoe.
4. Throw your shoe in to the air in celebration. [This step is optional.] All of you stop judging Australians right now.

The story

The band are sick of the sun stealing drinks by making them evaporate.
So they decide to keep running west at night to hide from the sun in a quest to make the day an hour longer.
Several adventures which include a stop on a tropical island lead them to end up stranded and going down.
I feel it important to point out at this time that they have a flying pirate ship.
When it looks like all hope is lost a parrot known as the party parrot reveals the secret to the crew.
Apparently the sun is jealous and that is why he steals drinks. This is because he dropped is beer bong in to the sea millions of years ago.
It is revealed at the end of Aqua Bong that the sun dropped his beer bong 65 million years ago. This would make this event what wiped out the dinosaurs.
So the crew go under the sea to retrieve the beer bong and they make a deal with the sun. They give the beer bong to the sun under the deal that he slows his run around the earths surface making the day an hour longer to party.
After that they return to their home to party for 25 hours a day.


Will you listen to the album and would you do a shoey?

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