Safety On A Plane


Not My Job!

Have you ever had fun on a plane. Right all of you get your minds out of the gutter I wasn’t talking about the mile high club. You know what never mind just read this article.


Recently I have taken to travelling on my own. I have made to trips recently and have started to quite enjoy

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Forget Miriani!


Moderation at its worst.

With grate power comes grate responsibility. Words that don’t really apply here but kind of do so lets stick with that.


For those who know me they will tell you that MUDs have never really been my thing. However a few months ago I did start playing Miriani. I actually really

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out dated or not accessible


Accessibility verses change.

You all love rants right? Of course you do and I know a few people like reviews. Well get ready here is the final step the ramble!


So we all know there is 2 sides to every story. Well I mean some can have more sides and well actually a story is usually 1 side you know what

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Make it Realistic


It isn’t Realistic!

I want a big gun like a really big one that can kill 500 enemies with 1 shot. But it has to be realistic and I should be able to hear every splatter of blood, but if I don’t like the sound I should be able to change it!


So this is a little bit of a rant mixed with just

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How We’re Treated

A Blindness / Low Vision Rant



I was gonna write this all polite and shit, but then I was like fuck that. The reason is that a lot of people will see the angry blindie, and that’s all they see, well, you know what, fuck them too. This is predominantly for the blind or low vision person, but it wouldn’t hurt a sighted

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My name is Liam!

I Live on the Second Floor


I’d like to take a moment to thank these poor shmucks at BSG Blog for letting me write reviews. You’d think they could find someone better to do this sort of thing, but… Well… Here I am.


So you might be wondering who is this guy? My name is Liam as I’m sure you’ve already

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Internet Laziness Abounds (Rant)

Google is Your Friend



Ah, the internet, that thing we all have and use in our daily life, that thing we take for granted every single day. That thing that is there for us, whenever we want to see the funniest memes, to look at people’s pics on Instagram, to see the daily lives of friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

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Old Man’s Rants, The Twitter API

I’ll take how to piss everyone off for 1000 Alex


Well it’s been a while but it is time for another old man rant. You might of seen this coming, there has been lots of reaction in the blind community to all this Twitter stuff. Surprise surprise I have an opinion on it and I’m going to spew it all over your screen right now.
I’ll be

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Try not to suck to much!


How to not be a nube.

We have all been the new player in a game. In fact the first time we play a game we are a nube. But some people struggle with being a nube for much longer then others. So here is my guide on how to be a nubie for the shortest period of time possible.

Getting Started

Read the fucking read me!

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