Sounds Of Eden Review


Sounds of Eden: review: by Hannibal

You step in to a world. a world unlike any other. you take a step and then another step. where are you going and what is your plan. It doesn’t matter you are here and that is all that matters.


So I can’t deny I had been hearing allot about this Audio experience

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The Biggest Lie Ever Told!

1,090 views A lie beyond any other lie!

What is truth? A better question would be how far can the truth be stretched before it is no longer truth?
If truth is stretched is it still truth or does it exist in some parallel between truth and lie?
These are the questions that plague me now. Now that I know

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The 5 Worst Things about Audio Gamers Remake


-the top 5 worst things about Audio Gamers: 2019 Remake.

Games can bring out the best in some people. You can often find people laughing and joking on online games. Friendships can be formed and even relationships. But while it can bring out the best. It also brings out the worst. So here is a list

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Hashtag a11y

Needs More Accessibility!


Hashtag a11y

Actions speak louder than words. Some say that a Hashtag is an action made up of words. Does that mean they speak louder still.


This article is about the Hashtag a11y however I want to explain something before I jump in.
I actually wrote a completely different article full of rage and

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Safety On A Plane


Not My Job!

Have you ever had fun on a plane. Right all of you get your minds out of the gutter I wasn’t talking about the mile high club. You know what never mind just read this article.


Recently I have taken to travelling on my own. I have made to trips recently and have started to quite enjoy

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Forget Miriani!


Moderation at its worst.

With grate power comes grate responsibility. Words that don’t really apply here but kind of do so lets stick with that.


For those who know me they will tell you that MUDs have never really been my thing. However a few months ago I did start playing Miriani. I actually really

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out dated or not accessible


Accessibility verses change.

You all love rants right? Of course you do and I know a few people like reviews. Well get ready here is the final step the ramble!


So we all know there is 2 sides to every story. Well I mean some can have more sides and well actually a story is usually 1 side you know what

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Make it Realistic


It isn’t Realistic!

I want a big gun like a really big one that can kill 500 enemies with 1 shot. But it has to be realistic and I should be able to hear every splatter of blood, but if I don’t like the sound I should be able to change it!


So this is a little bit of a rant mixed with just

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