Sounds Of Eden Review


Sounds of Eden: review: by Hannibal

You step in to a world. a world unlike any other. you take a step and then another step. where are you going and what is your plan. It doesn’t matter you are here and that is all that matters.


So I can’t deny I had been hearing allot about this Audio experience for a while now.
It didn’t really seem like my kind of thing but several people I know seemed to think it was all that and more.
So I thought why not grab a copy and check it out.


Type: Audio Experience.
Platform: PC, Mac, IOS, Android.
Released: 2020.
Developer: Dusklight Pro.
Price: 2 pounds, 3 Australian Dollars.
Note: I got this for my phone so this review is for the IOS version specifically but from what I understand it doesn’t make allot of difference.

The Experience.

Allow yourself to get lost in the garden, Find a place you are happy and just breathe.
This is what the experience tells you to do once you have the commands.
The controls could not be more simple. Double tap and hold the top of the screen to walk, the bottom left and right of the screen allows you to turn and a voice will let you know when you are facing either north, east, south or west.
Once you enter you can walk around hearing different sounds that are meant to represent a garden.
That is it really. time to breathe.


So as this is an audio experience lets talk about the sounds.
This is where this experience I have to say confuses me more than anything else.
I expected the sounds of nature. The kind of sounds you would hear in a garden. Now…those type of sounds are here.
Listen for a fountain and the sounds of birds sure, even wind like a light breeze.
But the strange music and weird synthetic sounds completely pull you out of the nature vibe.
Sure you might find this peaceful. But this soundscape made me feel like I had just dropped acid and was having the most boring trip ever.
I don’t think the sounds are bad, but they don’t make me think of a garden, and they certainly don’t make me feel at ease.

So What Is It.

Right let see how many people I can upset in 1 paragraph.
The truth is this is something that should not exist.
This was an easy way to money grab from developers. That isn’t to say that I don’t think developers should be paid for there work.
But this was nothing more than a demo, and not a very long or interesting one, And because they called it an experience they got away with charging a couple of bucks.
You could have shown all of this in a youtube video titled “garden like soundscape and movement demo”.
It could have lasted 3 minutes, and you would have got the exact same information and enjoyment out of it.
Don’t get me wrong I am always interested to see new Audio games, and where developers will go with what they wish to achieve. I encourage everyone reading this to keep a watch on Dusk Light Pro and what they are doing.
But I hate feeling cheated and this Audio experience makes me feel like I through money at a developer for almost literally nothing.
Maybe if I actually felt like I was in a garden it wouldn’t be so bad. But this didn’t make me feel like that at all and in the end this was a waste of 3 dollars.


Save your money and listen to sounds of nature on youtube. that or go sit in your actual garden.
1 out of 10.


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