10 things Games don’t Need!

End of Year Countdown 2020 Part 1


things that shouldn’t exist in games.

Don’t worry developers I am not going to call out any specific games. But you all know who you are!


If you have listened to BSG streams in the past 6 months you will know that I have a little bit of a weird obsession with making lists.
If you were a reader of this blog back in 2017 or 2018 around the December period you will know I did countdowns.
So I am bringing these to ideas together for a month of lists and countdowns.
4 lists and or count downs throughout the month of December. I will do 2 gaming related, and 2 just random lists.
So for my first list, I will be counting down the 10 things I would like removed or improved generally in games.

10: No Admins

Honestly this is a pretty simple one actually. If you develop an online game especially if you have a solid player base. Get a few admins.
Weather these people have the power to ban players or just help you sort through complaints and watch for people acting like shits. Don’t try and run your game all on your own.
Get some help and it will be a better experience for everyone. If you don’t you will get burned out on your own game, sick of everyone involved and you will let things slip through the cracks.
I am not saying you won’t find people who abuse power. But you can’t do it all yourself.

9: Jumping where it isn’t needed!

Some times I feel like I am just screaming in to a void here on this blog! But hey what ever works right?
Jumping when put in to a game correctly and for the right reasons is fine.
Side scroller games often rely on Jumping for puzzles and other such things, while games with big 3D worlds can use jumping in some amazing and fun ways.
But some games seem to put it in for no other reason then to say, “look we have jumping!”
I can’t stand games that include PVP where it is just a bunch of fucking bunnies bouncing around to avoid each others attacks.
Put it in as a feature if you think it truly adds something to your game. Not just because you can.

8: The Elusion of Choice

So I actually pretty recently released an article about this exact topic so I am not going to break it down too much. Check out my original article here.

The Illusion Of Choice In Gaming

but seriously either write in a proper story or just don’t bother. We know the game has got an end goal so don’t try and make us think that we are in control when we aren’t.

7: Loot Boxes!

Honestly loot boxes are probably the thing that makes me angry more than anything else on this list. Most of them are shit and they are just a way to take your money.
But Hannibal they might have that super rare fucking awesome item that I want.
Yes but they more than likely don’t. You are just throwing your money away when you could be spending it on something better. Like drugs, sex, or fresh paint to lick off the wall!
Developers stop getting people hooked on gambling. Players stop wasting your fucking money!

6:really loud sounds when you first launch the game!

Why do I need to go deaf to play your games?
Honestly I can understand wanting to put game logos and other things when you launch the game. But put them at a reasonable level. that or and I can’t stress this enough. put in controls to turn your shit down right from the get go.
I really can’t believe in 2020 I have to even include this on this list but some how it is still happening.
Why is it we can still launch a new game, and for the start up to be so loud it isn’t funny.
Just let me start your game and then let us move on.

5: allot of spelling mistakes.

So as any reader who has been reading this blog from the beginning will know, I am completely aware that my spelling is terrible. Shout out to the OG BSG readers here!
But back on point. Finally I realized that I needed help. I have done some work on improving my spelling and my general skills at writing, but the biggest help comes from Smoke. He takes the time to check over my Articles each week. It was a simple thing that started happening just over a year ago and I have received multiple comments about how the blog has been getting better. That is all thanks to Smoke.
Guess what this little side story is exactly why games should not have allot of spelling mistakes. Of course I can understand it if 1 or 2 things slip through the cracks. But if you are releasing a game…I don’t care if it is a 5 minute game that will entertain 12 people, Or a massive game that is online and will see hundreds of people playing. Go through and spell check your shit. Then after you have done that, get some one to look over it. Especially simple things like item names or quest titles.
Call me a hypocrite for saying this after I am a shitty writer writing for a shitty blog. I give literally 0 fucks. Just spell check your fucking games.

4; no key configuration options.

I can’t tell you how many games I have played that have had stupid lay outs for keys.
Weather it be an option in the main menu to set up your keys. A key config file or something else. Just give us the ability to change our keys.
People have different keyboards and different needs. Don’t make things harder on your players then it needs to be.

3: shitty voice over work!

I am not asking every one of the small developers to higher some one to do voice over work. Especially when you only need a hand full of things read.
But either take the time to record it on a good microphone or ask some one who has a good mic to do it for you.
I don’t want to hear you reading me menu options recorded on a 1990 cassette recorder.
Either get a better voice over done or just let the screen readers have at it.

2: lack of documentation!

Now remember this is all you need in a read me.
1: Basic game info.
2: Keys.
3: basic game play elements.
After that anything is really optional.
Obviously the more detailed a read me is the better. But those basic 3 things are all you absolutely need.
So take the time and include them.

1: background music that can’t be turned off!

No turning it down but not off is not ok. looking at you Pragma.
Honestly unless the music is part of the game like in many rhythm games. There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be able to turn it off.
A simple control to turn down background music that ends at 0 is all I ask.


Is there something I missed. What is your least favorite thing about games? Let me know in the comments below.

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