Swordy Quest The Review

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Swordy Quest Review
By Hannibal

I am putting it on the record that this is somehow the worst and best name for a game I have ever heard.

One of the down sides to writing for the BSG Blog means I have so many games on my phone. I should probably learn to delete them after I review them but that just isn’t my way.

Smoke said I should review Swordy quest so here we are. I literally new nothing going into this game other than the title. I didn’t even read the description on the App store. I figured a quest was involved and swords would come in to play in some way. Beyond that I new nothing so lets go!


Title: Swordy Quest.
Platform: Mobile Game.
Released: 2021.
Publisher: Seligman Ventures Global Limited
Genre: Adventure, Resource Management.

Game Play

Because I new nothing about this game going in, I admit I was a little disappointed that this game didn’t just open on me being handed a sword and sent on a quest. But my disappointment quickly faded and I got in to actually playing.
The game play is pretty simple but breaks down in to a few different areas.
You start out by hunting and gathering resources. These are used to feed your character and craft new items. They can also be used to trade.
As you craft new items you can travel faster, find better resources, and increase certain stats.
Crafting allows you to travel and explore new places, and find new things to do.
As you travel you will be able to buy mounts which allow you to go larger distances. Then you can buy new resources and sell things you have gathered to make money, While continuing to find new places and leveling up.
As you level you unlock new skills and items. exploring also allows you to find new places and learn more about the story of the game.
I won’t go through my thoughts on every little thing you can do but lets talk about the main game play.

Hunting and Gathering

So one part of the game play is gathering items. This is done by tapping on the gather tab, here you will be presented with a series of places you can gather. Common ones are shrubs, shallows, rocks and trees. You can gather water and food which allows you to deal with your thirst and hunger, as well as things for crafting and selling.
Over all this system works pretty well. You tap and hold a square and you gather things from it after a few seconds. This is more interesting than just tapping it to get the resources, but it also gets pretty boring after a little while.

So to break up the gathering perhaps you would like to hunt. Hit hunt and you are given basically the same options as gathering. But now instead of finding things like berries in the shrubs you will find creatures to fight.
Oh boy do I have things to say about the combat.
The combat is incredibly simple. You can see your stats, you can see the enemies stats. You swing and the enemy responds. That is literally it. You swing and you might hit, and then it might hit you back. you just keep hitting swing until you either win or die. You can flee if you are close to dying or don’t think you will win the fight.
This is so very terrible. This is the least interesting combat they could have made. It is even worse because they have put the time in to making stats but then made such a pointless fighting system. No skill is involved. read the numbers and either flee or just hope you win.
Of all the different elements of this game, combat is one of the worst.


Crafting is where the resource management comes in to play. Under the crafting tab you can see what items you need to make the different things you have unlocked.
Once you have gathered or hunted for everything you need. Simply tap attempt to craft next to the item you want. This is simple but it works. I don’t have any real complaints about this system.

Towns and puzzles

The first time I came across a little town I expected to find a market and not much else. I actually ended up pleasantly surprised when I found a little more.
The town gave you the chance to pay to make it your starting point. This meant less travel if you died.
A market was available where you could sell off your goods or buy new things.
I also was able to complete a little puzzle to unlock some of the story. While this puzzle was simple it broke up the game play. So I give a bonus point to this mini game.
The other thing I found in the town was…PVP.

PVP? and Clans

I honestly was going to write just no under PVP and leave it at that.
This is the worst part of this game. You link up with another person then you basically just randomly pick things when it is your turn. Just try and pick a number that looks big and you will maybe win.
Having done 3 pvp matches, and winning 2 of them. I came to the conclusion that it was just stupid and I went back to the more fun elements of the game.
Moving away from PVP clans are another thing you can have in this game. These are made up of people you add through the game center. This means you not only need friends but they have to play this game as well. Since I was lacking friends my clan had just 1 other person in it. I didn’t really see a need to add more though. Yes the more clan members you have the better it is, because You get certain clan only perks, But playing the game doesn’t require them. So making friends just to get the perks seemed a little extreme to me.

paid items

You can use real money to buy things. You don’t have to, but if you are lazy or impatient you can.

Final thoughts and rating

Playing this game I found I didn’t mind it. But I realized that I just tried my best to avoid the things I didn’t like.
I think they have made a solid game but it is also more of a time waster than anything else.
However most games are just that, and if you have nothing else to do I guess you could kill some time with this game.
The pvp and combat are terrible, But everything else is fine. The game seemed to work the way it is meant to, and in the end I guess I can’t ask for much more than that.
Rating: 7 out of 10.


Have you played this game? What did you think?

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