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Survive The Wild Version 9.9.5

If he puts peeing in to this game to make it more realistic I am out.

I remember when Survive the wild first came out. I actually played a very early version of it. I remember thinking this is never going to go anywhere. I can’t help but feel I have to admit now that I was wrong. 6 years on and it is still going strong.
For this review I am going to be talking about the latest update to the game. I will mostly focus on a few of the bigger changes then give it my overall score and thoughts.

Game Info

  • Game: Survive the Wild Version 9.9.5
  • Platform: PC.
  • Game type: Survival Adventure.
  • Update Release: June 2021.

The Update

To be honest it is always harder to review an update for a game. You have to talk about the things that the update added and try not to let entirely unrelated things color your view 1 way or the other. So when it comes to the STW review I am going to choose to focus on a few of the major changes you will find. I could sit here and basically break down the change log but I don’t think this would lead to an interesting review. So lets jump in with the first and best of all the changes.

PK Arenas

Fuck me side ways if this isn’t something that Survive the Wild players have been crying out for since the dawn of time. Even in my early days of Playing STW, the amount of times people said they wanted a way to PK with out risking everything stood out. Well that wish was granted with the PK arenas.
Basically for those who don’t know. These arenas are simply a Place to PK. When you enter you are put in a square with up to 3 other combatants at which point you fight till 1 person is victorious. When you are put in you are given a predetermined inventory, and when you get killed or leave the arena you don’t lose anything out of your normal inventory.

At the time of writing this 4 arenas are available.
The Boxing Ring: A very small arena in which all you are given is boxing gloves, combat boots and the necklace of the boneless. and you just punch and kick each other.
The Melee Glade: You start with several melee weapons, some shields and a necklace of the boneless. This arena is larger then the boxing ring but is similar as it also requires close up combat.
The Metal Glade: This arena you are given an assortment of guns and ammunition, as well as shields, a few melee weapons, kits to un-jam certain guns and a few pop cans for a quick energy boost. This arena requires a little more than just smacking each other, because with ranged weapons it means the combat is quite different.
The Classic Massacre: Grenades, Shields, a couple of guns and a few health and energy drugs. This arena is the toughest as it is the only one that you can kill yourself.
As you can see from the description above, These arenas offer a variety of different ways to PK. None of which endanger your normal inventory and all of which are fun to play.
If you aren’t much in to PK, or would like to get in to it but aren’t sure about it. You can just be a spectator in arenas. This gives people the chance to watch others in the arenas fight it out. As a spectator you are placed on a platform above the arena.
Each of the arenas requires a minimum of 2 and max of 4 people fighting, and up to 10 spectators.
As this is a review I just want to say that I absolutely love these arenas. I never was much in to PK but that is mostly because I was terrible at it. It really doesn’t matter if you die in these arenas, so they are the perfect way to enjoy a little PVP fun with friends with out having the boredom of rebuilding your char every time you die.
You can learn in a safe environment. Watch others fight for some entertainment and try out all the different weapons on something other than animals.
A few quick notes about related other additions and changes before I move on to another part of this update.
These have been slightly changed with the update. Now you have to put them in an empty hand, press T to pull the pin, then space to throw it. I will admit I didn’t much like the idea of this. But in practice it is actually allot of fun. Also who doesn’t get a kick out of someone accidentally blowing themselves up because they didn’t throw the grenade.
They now hold 6 rounds. Honestly I just felt this needed to be mentioned.
loaded weapons:
You can now load a weapon all at once. No more putting metal arrows in to the gun 1 at a time. you can also press “`” to see how many rounds a weapon has loaded.
Necklace of the Boneless:
This is a wearable item (exclusive as far as I know to the PK arenas) you can wear to lower the chance of getting broken bones. meaning you can fight in the PK arenas with out having to deal with your bones breaking. Just remember to put it on.
New Weapons:
I won’t list them all but a bunch of new guns and melee weapons have been added in the arenas. I don’t know if you can get them outside the arenas but honestly it is more fun to shoot other players anyway.

All of this stuff makes the weapons and arenas a really big plus for this update.


In game menus. Honestly I feel like I could leave this section blank after that. I don’t know about you but as a person who has played STW on and off over the past 5 or 6 years I can say I didn’t know every chat command, but thanks to in game menus much of these are a thing of the past.
Hitting tab will bring you to the main menu. Here you can do a wide variety of things including.
Change your language, manage quests, Manage your mute and trust lists, Spend STW points and credits, turn on your PK or join PK arenas, view changes and contact admins. Most of these things used to be chat commands and some of them were a pain. This new system is simple, as it is just selecting things in menus. I find the Quest list and Trust list management features especially helpful. No more trying to work out how things are spelt and making sure you enter it exactly right. Just hit enter and move on with your day.
If you hit tab again you will be on the online players list. This is similar to how it used to look. However now you can use commands like control T on a players name to trust them.
Hitting tab again will take you to the chats section. Here you can switch between the various chat modes like in and out of character chat as well as your groups you have.
tabbing again will take you to the history for the chat you have selected, and you can brows up and down with your arrow keys like any other normal menu. tab will then put you in the text box to type to the select chat, tab and you can hit send, and tab once more brings you back to the main keyboard window.
Note: you can hit escape at any time to get back to the main keyboard window.
These in game menus have really made a bunch of things in this game easier to manage. Whether a casual player or not, anyone playing this game will have to like these new menus.

Other Stuff

I said at the start I wasn’t going to talk about everything but here are a few little things that I feel should be mentioned.
Tracking players and animals is now much better. P and A still work to see what is about. but shift P for players and shift A for animals allow you to select a specific player or animal to track. Hit O while tracking to both be told where they are, and to here a sound at their location. This is really cool and makes hunting animals much more fun. also very helpful in the PK arenas.
You now need an account to log in to STW, and you do this through an Email address. This makes switching characters a breeze and I imagine probably will solve or help with issues people might have had over the years.
You can press Y to use yourself. Minds out of the gutter. This allows you to use the number row to kick and punch.
Also a bunch of bug fixes.

Final Thoughts

This update has brought a whole cluster of bug fixes and lots of very helpful new features and changes. Weather you like or hate each individual thing, I have to admit that for the most part I really like everything that has been changed or fixed.
So as final thoughts go I will say this. If you have never tried STW I would recommend giving it a go. If you tried in the past and didn’t like it because you couldn’t work out commands now is the time to come back. If you like PVP but don’t want to have to make a character specifically for it. The arenas have you covered.
This is a solid update to a game that has been going for over 6 years now. If I was pressed I would probably give it a 9.2 out of 10. It isn’t perfect but it is brilliant. Now if we could just talk Sam in to removing the Broken Bones system.


Have you tried the new version? What did or didn’t you like?

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  1. Hi!

    Great article as always! I think the STW update is great. A quite big feature that I think is awesome are translations. I’m currently working on one and if everyone contributing is working together, translating STW can really be a fun project.

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