Westopia Review

Risk Free Gambling


Westopia Review ; by ; Hannibal.

Gambling is bad kids. Don’t get hooked on gambling. But on the other hand here is a gambling game.

I realized recently that I have reviewed far more IOS games than PC games. I have a folder on my phone full of games I have played to review for the blog. I am wondering

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Swordy Quest The Review

Stick them with the pointy end


Swordy Quest Review
By Hannibal

I am putting it on the record that this is somehow the worst and best name for a game I have ever heard.

One of the down sides to writing for the BSG Blog means I have so many games on my phone. I should probably learn to delete them after I review them but that just isn’t

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Sonar Islands A Review

Diamonds are a Players best Friend


Sonar Islands Review ; by ; Hannibal.

The long awaited review. That no one asked for, and which I didn’t know I was reviewing until a few days before this came out, on a game I had never heard of until a week or so ago.


I blame Smoke for this review. Even though I had already downloaded the game

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