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Mark Morton – Anesthetic: A Review by Hannibal

No body really asked for them. No one cared when they were gone and absolutely no one asked for them to return. But still they are back. Hannibal’s Musical interludes!


We are back with a musical interlude and I know how happy this makes you all!
This week I am reviewing Anesthetic by Mark Morton.
So sit back and enjoy. Or go away I don’t really care which!


Album: Anesthetic.
Artist: Mark Morton.
Release date: The first of March 2019.
For those who don’t know Mark Morton is the long time guitarist for heavy metal band Lamb of God.

Track by Track

Nothing to it but to go through it! So here are my thoughts track by track.
#01: Cross Off feat. Chester Bennington:
This song as an opening hits like an on coming train. Not only does it have some powerful guitar shredding it punches in as a nice heavy start to the album.
Few vocalist capture energy in a studio recording like the late Chester bennington, so having him on A behemoth of a track like this for the opening makes it a strong start!
#02: Sworn Apart feat. Jacoby Shaddix:
After the strong start this song is the album settling in to a rhythm. This is not as good as the opening track but is a solid song.
#03: Axis feat. Mark Lanegan:
A stand out track for its differences, this is a much more old school style rock song. This songs instrumental is done fantastically. It is let down a little by the vocal performance but over all it isn’t a bad song.
#04: The Never (feat. Chuck Billy Jake Oni:
Honestly you could have told me this was a Lamb of God track with a guest vocalist and I would have just agreed with you. It sounds like a Lamb of God song and there is not a dam thing wrong with that!
#05: Save Defiance (feat. Myles Kennedy:
It is unsurprising when you get a couple of brilliant musicians on a track together that you end up with a beast of a song like this! Between Miles putting the vocal high point even bigger than Chesters performance on track 1 mixed with some fantastic guitar work from Mark you end up with a mid point to the album that leaves you wondering how this album could ever follow it up.
#06: Blur (feat. Mark Morales:
This song is probably more let down by the fact it is after the high point on the album than anything else. But honestly this song leaves something to be desired. After seeing what this album has to offer in the first 5 songs this song is really a bit of a let down.
#07: Back from the Dead (feat. Josh Todd:
This is a song that feels right at home here on this album. Just a punchy solid metal song. A sick guitar solo some good vocals and a solid song over all!
#08: Reveal (feat. Naeemah Z. Maddox:
Certainly the softest song on the hole album this is an amazing song. A nice soft start with plenty of clean guitar the song builds but never reaches the heavy stage that most of the rest of the album displays.
Its differences to the rest of the album certainly make it stand out and I would also say makes it one of the high points of the album.
#09: Imaginary Days:
This song feels like filler on this album. While it isn’t a bad song it is just everything that we have had on the album on other songs just not done as well.
#10: The Truth Is Dead (feat. Randy Blythe Alissa White-Gluz:
Of course the guitarist from Lamb of God had to get there singer to feature on his solo album. He comes in on a song that brings this album to a close in the perfect way. Building from a soft song at the start in to a fantastic metal song he couldn’t have picked a better song to round this album out!

Over All

This album was hinted at several years ago. While the wait may have been some time it was well worth it in the end.
Boasting an impressive line up of guest vocalists this album while it has its high and low points is a fantastic listen from start to finish!
This album has set the bar pretty high for metal releases in 2019 and this could well end up on many top 10 lists at the end of the year!


I have very few negatives but plenty of positive for this album.
9 out of 10.

Check it out

If you would like a taste of what you can expect here are a few of my favourite songs from the album.
Click here to listen to Cross Off featuring Chester Bennington.

Click here to listen to Save defiance Featuring Miles Kennedy.


Thanks for reading, if you have listened let me know what you think in the comments below.
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