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Ready to Roll- RPG Dice

You enter a dungeon. The first thing you see is. A dragon. What do you do? I take out my phone and roll these dice!


Look i’ll be honest I know there isn’t much to this app. But I thought I might review it anyway.
I have heard a few people ask what this app is and what it is for. I am going to try and answer both of those questions here.

What It Is

We all know what Table Top Gaming is right? If you don’t the best description I can give you it is a type of adventure role playing game people can play together.
It is usually played in person with one person acting as host, controller or dungeon master.
Several other people usually between three and six, each have a character which they make decisions for.
The main point that you need to know for this is it usually involves allot of dice rolling. From knowing your characters stats up to the effectiveness of an attack in battle. Dice rolling is used a fuck tonne in Table Top gaming.
Another point about the dice is that it isn’t usually a normal six-sided dice. Most games involve two or more dice with sides anywhere from four to a hundred sided.
As you may imagine this is difficult for a blind person to handle. A six-sided dice with markings is easy enough. but bigger or smaller dice can be very difficult and maybe impossible to get your hands on.
This is where ready to Roll RPG Dice comes in.
This is a fully accessible app for dice rolling, with many ways to use it to suit many different types of table top gaming.

How it Works

Extremely simple. That is the best way to describe the commands for controlling the app.
Swiping left and right allows you to go through the various dice you can roll.
Up and down on the home screen takes you through the main menu screen with some settings and instructions.
Up on the dice screens allows you to roll and down clears the dice.
That’s pretty much it really.
A few other commands exist but honestly you can find those out in the app itself.
This app didn’t need to be complicated and it isn’t. The commands are easy to learn and the whole app is self-voicing so you could have it on any phone and it would be easy to use.
I would normally have a part on accessibility but it was designed to be accessible so I think just saying it works is good enough.

Cost and Alternatives

Possible Improvements

I don’t think these things are negatives so I decided to title this section possible improvements.
It might be nice if you could make it repeat the last roll you did. I couldn’t find a way to do that.
The only other one is that if you roll multiple dice it would be nice if you could make it tell you what each dice was individually and not just the total. This can be easily fixed by just rolling the dice separately. But convenience is the will of modern times so there it is.


This works as advertised and very little needs to be done that could improve this app for what it is meant for.
8.5 out of 10.


Have you tried Ready to Roll? Let me know what you think.
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