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The Mighty Cane!

Pen mighty than the sword, Cane mightier than the pen. Does that make a cane mightier than the sword? Wait what was I on about? Also who said the cane was mightier than the pen I think I just made that up. You know what never mind lets just get on with this.


A cane as a blindy you will almost certainly have used one of these and if not you know about them.
When properly used they offer a fine tool to stop us walking in to things most of the time. I am sure we all have those amusing stories of while using a cane we still managed to hit something and I might even talk about that later.
But this article is mainly about the misuse of canes. Bringing new life to an old friend.
I know in my day to day life I have use my cane in many ways so I thought I bring some of the fun and interesting ways people use there canes to a blog post.

Hitting and poking

I mean who hasn’t accidentally on purpose whacked the ankles of some cunt they don’t like? Oh is that just me? You know what if you answered yes to that high five. If you said no your a filthy lier!
But seriously this isn’t what the cane was meant for. However it does work quite effectively especially if you have one of the nice big solid tips on the end.
However I have received stories of people poking smoke detector buttons with them. A reasonable use I guess.
Banging on the roof to make people above you shut the fuck up was a lovely response I thought!
Poke things out from under furniture this is a personal favourite because I do this allot. It can also work for things behind or just in hard to reach places.
I remember as a child more than one time a friend asked to use it to knock balls or Frisbees out of trees.
I also believe I once smashed a window attempting to throw the cane up to knock a shoe off the roof but that is a much longer story. The short version is if a bully throws a friends shoes on the roof, give the cane to that friend and don’t let the blind guy throw it.

Around the house

Around the house many uses can be found. Apart from the furniture one mentioned above many other ones exist.
I myself have tied a rag to the end to help clean high windows.
I also remember a time when I was moving house and my clothes had arrived at the new house but my cupboard hadn’t. So I used my cane to make a makeshift rail to hang my clothes on.
A fantastic story shared from Twitter tells of a family member laying mouse traps around the house. Unsure if it was still there he used his cane to check it out first.
Closing doors from a distance was another one I heard several people tell me. Surprising because I am very lazy and I had never tried this.

Getting creative

I didn’t get as many of these as I would have liked but still.
A fight between a guide dog and a pit bull made one person use there cane to try and separate them. that is quick thinking at its finest.
A friend was once fishing with some sighted friends on a boat. One of them dropped a bucket over the side and they used his cane to reach it.
I myself once used my cane and a rail to make a drink holder at a festival. It worked really well. But all I am saying is I was putting bottles in to it. Probably wouldn’t have trusted it with a cup.

Less conventional uses

This is pretty much where all the other things I got told will go.
I find it some what hard to believe any one would use a cane as a sex toy. But apparently some people do.
A limbo stick on the other hand is fucking brilliant. I like to think this happened at a party and some one saw limbo happening came over and just went. Wait is that a blind persons stick. is? Where is the person who owns that.
Tapping metal poles to hear the sound they make is something else some one told me they like to do.


Honestly that is pretty much all I have to say on this. Thank you to every one who shared with me things they do with a cane and if you have more that I didn’t talk about feel free to share them in the comments section.
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