QC verses RS games!


QC verses RS Games

Do you play card or dice games. Would you like to? Well perhaps 1 of these clients is exactly what you are looking for. Read on to find out more.

What are They?

Both are clients to play various games. Both offer a range of card, dice, board and word games. From chess to battle ship. You can find something to keep you entertained if you like those type of games.
I will be talking about both in this article. What’s good and bad about them. I was going to do this in an unbiased way. But this is a comparison not a review. So fuck it. I have a clear favourite and you will work that out very quickly.

Getting Started

Quentinc’s Playroom: The download process was very easy for this client. Once I had it downloaded signing up was quick and simple. The client stores user name and password if you would like for ease of logging in and soon enough I was on and ready to play. The included read me helped when first starting out. With the ability to press f1 to get a list of keys for the games made it quick to jump right in and start playing.
RS games: The first download of this game was easy enough. The sign up process was simple and like QC it was able to store my info for ease of log in. Then it came time to start a game. I launched a game and got the message downloading sounds. This was the last thing that I did on RS Games for some time. After attempting to download sounds for a handful of games and letting it sit for over an hour on 1 occasion I quickly gave up on RS Games. However after getting in touch with a person from RS I managed to get a hold of the sound files. And now I was ready to play. No read me is included with this client. But the website has all the needed information so it’s not to bad in the end. I also personally think it would be better if all sounds came with the set up file to make the set up easier.


Quentinc’s playroom: The interface for this client is fairly simple. 3 tabs a history, chat and menu tab. Chat tab is where you type messages. The history is wear all game sent and received chat messages and other game related info appears. and the menu offers selections and areas to enter information for the various games.
RS games: This has an even more basic lay out. A single menu if there is one at all with selections you can make. All other functions are handled by varies hot keys. Like F2 to enter a chat message. Page up and down, end and home and the control and shift keys offer you the varies ways to navigate chat and game messages.
Both are functional and work reasonably well. However the history tab on QC can get cluttered very quickly when your not playing a game. While RS can some times over do it with the menus with in games making the hole thing feel much more clunky.

Variety of Games

Quentinc’s: At the time of writing this article. 29 games in English are available. These come in all different types from card to board. Some if not most can be played with bots although the bots have a varied success rate and all are better to play against an actual human player. The reasonably large player base means you can usually find a game of something if you are not to picky about what you play. With so many different games you can surely find a few you like and with plenty of different settings you can make many of them short or long depending on how much time you have.
RS Games: RS offers 22 games. While some of them are a bit lacking. Most are reasonably good. Some of these games can also be played with bots. But like QC some require other human players. With a smaller player base it can some times be hard to find a game for certain things. But grab a few friends and you can still have some fun.
It is worth noting some games are offered on both clients. Monopoly is a perfect example of a game that is offered on both that has up and down sides on both. QC offers a wider number of options to change up games from the number of boards you can play to disallowing the properties in the first board round. While RS allows for token selection and offers more sounds to make game play a little more enjoyable.


Quentinc’s: The sounds for QC are pretty good and while their is a fair amount of over lap between the games. These are mostly card dice and board games so I can say that is unsurprising. The sounds are fine and while I could say that some actions might be better if their was a sound. The ones that are their are good enough.
RS Games: Now on the other hand, RS seems to have gone the other direction. I can not fault them on the variety of sounds. RS have a much larger number of sounds. However this is some what off set by the fact their sounds range from quite good. to kind of shit.
Story time: I was playing Battle-ship with a friend. We will call him Quacker. [it was Quacker for those of you playing at home.] It was the first time we had played it on RS. We set our ships and he fired the first shot. As the missile missed and landed in the water he said, “it sounds like a T-Rex taking a dump.” I just thought I would share this lovely bit of humour at the expense of the sounds on RS.


While this wasn’t a review I will include these final thoughts and a rating for each client. I can honestly say that I have spent far more time playing QC. While recently I have spent a bunch more time on RS That was so I could write this article properly. For me QC is the better client and while RS has a few games that I like so will keep it on my computer. It doesn’t have nearly as much to offer as RS in my opinion.

Quentinc’s Playroom: 8.5 out of 10
RS Games: 6 out of 10


Both these clients have the ability to play online with out downloading a client. But I couldn’t be fucked messing around with that to test it. Perhaps a part 2 of this article if there is enough interest might get written.
For more information or to download either client. Go to the following.

click to open Quentinc’s in a new window.

Click here to open RS in a new window.

Leave a comment below with which of these clients you prefer.

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