Audio Description


Audio Description

If you are blind or visually impaired you have probably come across Audio Description at some point. Especially those younger readers might take for granted the amount of content that is audio described. But is it worth while? lets discuss shall we?

What is Audio Description?

Audio description is a narrator describing the visual elements of a scene in a movie or TV show.

good Verses Bad Audio Description

Their are many things that can make audio description good or bad. But lets talk about just a few of them.
Interrupting dialogue. This is the worst thing in some audio description. The best audio described things don’t allow the audio description to over lap with dialogue during a scene. But some low quality ones this is not the case. I have scene episodes of shows so bad the audio description was nearly a minute behind the actual action on screen.
Quality of information given: When giving audio description, some times we can end up with information that we just don’t need. As nice as it is, we really don’t need to know what colour the chairs are in the background.
Bad volume: I have seen shows and movies where the volume of the movie of show varies. While I understand its more work. It would be nice if the audio description changed with the rest.
These are just a few things. I am sure people can think of more. But these are at least my most annoying things with bad audio description.

Is it Worth it?

So is audio description worth it in the end. I think in the end I would say it depends. If you can find a movie with audio description usually yes. Unless it is subject to all 3 of my above shit things to do with audio description.
Television shows are a good example of things that might not be worth it. Their are quite a number of TV shows out their that really you don’t need it. Sure having it can be nice. But if it comes at the expensive of missing lines of dialogue its not worth it.
Over all I would say books are better. But if you like movies and or TV shows. Audio description can be fantastic.
Share your opinions in the comment section. Do you like or hate audio description.

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  1. Hating or liking audio descriptions really depends on what kind of tv show slash movy that is. For example, if the show is all about fast action and all that, it’s really pointless to have it in there.

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