Hannibal’s End of Year Brain Dump


Hannibal’s end of year brain dump!

So here we are the final Friday of 2017. I have posted every Friday since Smoke asked if I would like to be a contributor but this is the first Friday I have not had a clue what I was going to write. So any way here goes.

An Idea Dump

I have spent the last few days asking people what I should write about for my final article of the year. I got a few good ideas and a few bad ones. In the end I have decided to do all of them. So here goes.

Table Flipper

My first idea was to write a review of the stupidest game of 2017. Compare to the year itself and finish on an amusing note. When I asked people for a stupid game that got released this year every single person said table flipper.
While some had not played it. some had and all said it either was or sounded stupid.
So for those who have not played or possibly even heard of it. This is a game where you run around punching shit. When shit breaks you might get a few bits of shit. that shit you can throw at other shit to break that shit from a distance.
You might think that sounds very simple. That is because it is. their are skill points and levels and all that stuff but in the end this is a game that has no point other then breaking shit.
Is it fun, I guess for a little bit. Is it worth playing sure I am sure some people really enjoy it. In the end this is just a dumb fun weird game about flipping shit.


Why am I writing about cake. Well blame Quacker. He kept asking me to write about cake so here it is.
So what does cake and gaming have to do with each other. Nothing. nothing at all. But I am a weird person so lets try and connect them.
So we start at the beginning. You crack a few eggs in to a bowl or if you will crack a few ideas in to the bowl of gaming.
Now you add the flour that is the coding. Now you mix that shit.
Now our game has substance. We add in the butter that is testing and now we are really on our way.
We are ready to add the goodness of some playable content, So in goes some chocolate. Yes this is a chocolate cake.
Now our game is really on its way. We pore that shit in to a cake pan and the final stages of coding go in to play.
The cake game comes out of the oven and it is almost ready to play. Once cooled we add the final touches those last minute grate ideas we had for our game this is the frosting.
Bam a game cake comparison.
Now I’m hungry so I’m going to go get some cake.

Wear to go in 2018?

So I originally wrote out a survey. A 7 question thing to get peoples opinions on several different topics. In the end I scrapped that idea for different reasons. But I took my main 2 questions and asked them of people on Swamp.
These questions were, “What would you change about the AudioGames community?” and “What would you like to see in 2018?”
Now I got a few responses. Quacker predictably said cake. I’m not sure exactly what he meant but he said cake. He also suggested not having beta testers cheat in games but short of getting better testers I’m not sure how we can pull that off.
Careless suggested an accessible version of Grand theft Auto and more games with a story mode. While I would love an accessible version of GTA I can’t really see it happening but we can dream. When talking about a story mode for games this is something that I think would be grate to see more devs explore. A lot of online games have little chunks of story you can read some wear. Or an option in the main menu to listen to or read the story. But very few have the ability to play through a story. The closest most come is bits of story learned through quests. This is a start but not really the same thing.
While a few other players said they would like to see less fighting and more people being nice to each other. This again I can’t see happening but I also agree needs to happen. Places in the gaming community are toxic to the point that people avoid it. This is very true around pvp related games. I think more strictly enforced rules about abuse need to be in place to avoid this in the future.

Christmas Events

Really what can I say about this. People love them. The more free stuff they get the better. A few little silly Christmas themed things and hand out free stuff and you are golden.
But some Christmas events are boring. Some are pointless and yet others are fantastic.
Really I could go in to what makes a good or bad Christmas event but I have learned from years of playing games that I’m pretty much happy with anything and pretty much everything is hated by some one.
So free stuff and a Christmas song. Song or poem.


This article was just a bit of fun for the end of the year. If you have made it this far and are thinking what the fuck did I just read. That is understandable.
From me to all of you Happy Holidays

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