I won’t Write About Cake!

The cake is a lie!


I don’t want to write about cake!

Fuck cake and everything it stands for! But how good is cake I mean it is amazing but fuck cake!


Why is this a thing. Honestly how is this a thing why does this article exist. I can’t answer that. This article shouldn’t exist but it does so deal with

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Kittens, Puppies and Cake!


Puppies, Kittens and chocolate Cake!

Who doesn’t love Puppies, they are so cute and fluffy. What about little baby kitties, so adorable and they don’t give a fuck! Final cake, cake is the best, have it when you are sad or happy. It is the good stuff. So read on for so much more about all

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Hannibal’s End of Year Brain Dump


Hannibal’s end of year brain dump!

So here we are the final Friday of 2017. I have posted every Friday since Smoke asked if I would like to be a contributor but this is the first Friday I have not had a clue what I was going to write. So any way here goes.

An Idea Dump

I have spent the last few days asking people

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