A Hero’s Call Give Away


A hero’s Call give Away and up coming review.

A hero’s Call, it has been called the best game of 2018, 1 of the best games of 2018 and 16th out of an over all list of 31. None of that is true.
I’m pretty sure I stole that bit from some wear else. Any way it is a game that had a lot of hype surrounding It’s release.

Up Coming Review

So I decided to write a review for this new game. So I jumped on and bought it and a review will be coming next week.
I was planning to write a review this week but I don’t believe I have played enough to give my true thoughts.
It is a game that I am enjoying more then I expected to. So I thought I give my self a few extra days.

The Give away

Ok so lets get to the reason you clicked on this article. Really the only reason for clicking on this article.
I’ll be giving away a copy of A hero’s Call over on twitter. The winner will be announced Friday January 12th 2018.
How do you win? Simple:
First you must tag me, That is @JD_811 in your tweet.
Second I want to know what your hero’s call would be. So let me know what it is you would shout as you charge heroically in to battle.
Third use the hashtag #AHCgiveaway and that is it.
I will be picking some one at random but that does not mean you can get away with having a lame hero’s call. The best 3 hero’s calls will get a bonus entry in to the competition.

Rules please read

Now the boring bit.
Only 1 tweet per person. Remember you must complete all 3 steps above to be in with a chance.
I will direct message the winner telling them they have won and asking for the email address they would like the game sent to. That person has 24 hours to respond before I pick a new winner.
This Comp opens from the moment this article is posted till 11:59 on Thursday January 11th 2018 Australian eastern standard time.

Final thoughts

That is it really. Good luck to you all and you can find my review of A hero’s Call here next Friday.

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