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Blinded Guide : by : L-Works
As far is simple games go. You don’t get much simpler then this. Start at 1 end and walk to the other end avoiding obstacles. The obstacles vary in size and sound. And some have the added bonus of moving to. With 3 difficulty settings, the game has a steady learning curve.

My Experience

I picked this game up after I over heard some people talking about it. It sounded interesting so I gave it a shot. The downloading process was easy. Then after running the installer it was time to play. I skipped the read me and jumped straight in. But after walking in to a pole, getting run over by a car, and eaten by a dog. I thought maybe I should read the readme.
The read me was simple and got its message across.
Now armed with the information I probably should have had to begin with I relaunched the game and started again.
Now understanding the controls I quickly made my way through several levels of game play and found more frequent and difficult obstacles to get past.
After dying a hand full of times. Including several deaths on new obstacles to find out what silly little message that had been attached to them. and having progressed to level 8. It was time to up the difficulty.
I was happy to see the harder difficulties did offer a genuine challenge. After struggling slightly more in medium I upped it to hard. and quickly found it was much harder.

The Controls

The controls for this game are super simple. With just a few keys to work with. And even less in the hardest difficulty. There isn’t much to say other then, the controls are easy to use and easy to remember.


Its easy to play. But There really isn’t much to this game. After playing for just 15 minutes. I found my self walking in to things to see the funny little messages. After changing difficulty. I found I was losing interest fast.
There seems very little replay value. you can try for a high score. But with no score board that’s almost pointless.
With only half an hour of joy for me. I can’t say I think this game is amazing. But for a game you want to pick up just to pass a little time. I can certainly suggest you might get a little joy out of this one.


This game does everything it says it does. Its only real draw backs are its length and replay value.
Objectively 8 out of 10.
Personally, 5 out of 10

If you would like to try it check it out at, L-Works

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  1. that was a pretty good review of what i thought.
    actually, this game could become more intresting if you could cross roads etc and if things could come from behind like the bikes. you then would have to avoid it. add 3d audio to it and it becomes more intresting to play. and yes, scoreboards would make it even more fun

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