The 5 Worst Things About Audio Gamers!


Games can bring out the best in some people. You can often find people laughing and joking on online games. Friendships can be formed and even relationships. But while it can bring out the best. It also brings out the worst. So here is a list of the 5 worst things to come out of audio gamers.

5. That’s ok I didn’t need a thank you.
Common courtesy is certainly not something that should need to be on this list, but some how it is the first thing. Over the years that I have been playing audio games I helped more people then I can count in lots of different games. Yet I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have taken 15 minutes or more. In some cases hours out of my time to help some one. Only to get no thank you in return. I think most people who do like helping others agrees you don’t do it for the thanks. But if you ever get helped by any one. Even if it takes only a few minutes. Just take the time to say thank you.

4. I am losing. fuck it I am out.
It can be hard to admit that you are a bad winner. But some how people find it harder to admit they are a bad loser. Some how in the audio games community this is rampant. Losing is not the end of the world. Really if you can’t have a bit of fun even while losing then perhaps you need to find a new game. Sure this can go both ways and if your a complete dick when you win that won’t make people want to play with you. But quitting half way through cause it looks like you might lose is a pretty big dick move. Games are made to be played and enjoyed. So win lose or draw remember that in the end, It really makes no difference.

3. Why can’t everything be as easy as breathing.
Some times when you play a game you will come across something that is hard to do. For some of us this offers a rare and exciting challenge. For others this is the excuse they have been looking for to go back to what ever it is people that complain a lot like to do in there spare time. Its amazing how easily some people give up when things get slightly harder then they are used to. Even though I have been playing games for several years now. It never stops amazing me how little work some people are willing to put in to complete the simplest tasks in a game. While we’re on the subject. Try to remember that if you explore things and learn how to do it, in the future you will find you can do it on your own more, it might even be easier. You might find you enjoy the game more when you have actually done something for yourself.

2. You know what’s fun complaining about things I have to do.
This might come as a shock to some people. But when you start out in most games you don’t have everything right from the word go. Yes the start can often be the hardest part. But most people that have the items, the levels or what ever it is you want have worked to get them. So instead of getting in chat and complaining about how long its taking, or how much work it is. Just buckle down and get to wear you want to go.

1. Is it free?
The amount of times over the past 5 or more years I have had to listen to complaints about the cost of audio games is a complete joke. I understand that for some people you don’t have hundreds of dollars lying around. But most audio games are pretty cheep. If you like the demo chances are you will enjoy the full game even more. So a 1 off cost of 40 dollars. monthly payments of a couple of bucks. These are very reasonable requests from developers who in some cases have put in dozens or even hundreds of hours of work for you to just complain that its not free.

So the next time you go to post that complaint. Just stop, stop and think about what you are about to say and what it is your complaining about. Then ask yourself. “Is this really something I should be Complaining about?”

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  1. lol well done, this post has listed all terrible stuff about most of audio gamers, from it’s bad cause it’s payed to fuck it I’m done. So yay, couldn’t agree more actually.

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