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The Great Toy Robbery 2.0, Smoke’s Review

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You may of heard, The Great Toy Robbery has been rewritten in python and in the process the game has undergone a lot of changes. It’s time for me to go find my reviewer hat and give this game a spin. I’ll be both reviewing and comparing it to the last version released. Spoiler, if you liked the last version you’ll like this one more. If you didn’t like the last version I think you’ll end up liking this one. Read more


Blinded Guide Review

2,277 views Blinded Guide : by : L-Works
As far is simple games go. You don’t get much simpler then this. Start at 1 end and walk to the other end avoiding obstacles. The obstacles vary in size and sound. And some have the added bonus of moving to. With 3 difficulty settings, the game

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