Whitechapel – The Valley Review


The Valley by Whitechapel, Review by Hannibal.

Do you feel that. It is the darkness inside. It is poring from under your skin and will consume everything!


I don’t know if I have ever reviewed a death metal/Death core album here on the blog. But here we are.
I have to admit Whitechapel is not a band I have kept up with. While trying to get a hold of this album I realised they have at least one other album I hadn’t heard but never the less I decided fuck that I want the new shit!
I remember seeing Whitechapel support Devildriver with Aversions Crown back in 2014 in one of the most intense concerts I have ever been too. So hearing the lead single to this album was a bit of a shock. But I am getting ahead of myself.
Artist: Whitechapel.
Album: The valley.
Released: The 29th of March 2019. [or April 5th in some places.] Label: Metal Blade Records.

The Album

Are you ready? I said are you ready. Screw it lets just do it.
Normally I would go through track by track but not his album. I am going to try something different. I will just talk about the album as a hole, then talk about a few of the songs I like off the album with links to them.
Having heard the lead single I went in to this album interested but not sure what to expect.
From the word go it became clear that the older whitechapel fans would find the whitechapel they know and love. But there was more here than just that.
Many songs have what you would expect from a death metal band that has 3 guitarists. Its heavy and its fast. From the guttural growls to the guitars that are packing enough distortion to open up a portal in to hell itself the brutality is here in spades.
But Whitechapel have evolved from early albums. It isn’t all just blast beats and growling any more.
The spotting of some clean guitar and vocal work on the opening track was shocking enough. But to find on the song Hickory Creek very little of the unclean vocals was a real shock.
This is a band who have played with there sound and been willing to try some new things.
The result is a fucking master piece of heavy music.
It doesn’t matter if you like it fast and heavy or slow and soft. Or just a little more melodic. This album has it all and every last minute is done with a clinical precision few bands could match.
2019 has only just begun and I am certain many more brilliant releases are to come. But on the heavy end of the spectrum Whitechapel has set the bar high very fucking early.

Some of my Favourite Tracks

Here are some of my Favourite songs from the album with links to check them out on you tube.
01: When a Demon Defiles a Witch.
So this is my first experience with clean vocals on a Whitechapel song. So many death metal bands have fucked up by including clean vocals but honestly I don’t think Whitechapel are one of them.
A clean guitar intro takes us in to a song laced with true brutality exactly what I would expect from Whitechapel. A very melodic chorus gives what I am sure would be a fantastic sing along at shows. before we drop back down in to softer guitars for a bridge that includes those clean vocals I spoke of before.
Round it out with a sweet guitar solo and this is one hell of an opening track!
Check out When a Demon Defiles a witch on You tube here.

04: Hickory Creek.
Talked about above this is a true mind fuck for an older Whitechapel fan who hasn’t listened to anything from them in a few years.
This softer really stripped back Whitechapel is so strange to hear.
The weirdest part for me though is just how well they pull it off.
Few bands could genre bend like this but some how it all comes together.
Check out Hickery Creek on You tube here.

07: The Other Side.
A very Melodic feel to it this song reminds me of Amon amarth. Honestly I can’t even say why this song stands out to me so much but it just does.
From its almost laid back feel despite still being a fast paced song. To the vocals it is a fantastic track.
Click here to listen to The Other Side.


9.5 out of 10.
Click here to listen to The Valley on Spotify.


Have you heard the album? What did you think?
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