The Best Worst Cover ever!

Behind the Music.


What is the best cover you have ever heard. Now have you heard my cover of Nickleback? Now if you haven’t go listen to it. good lets go.


So I had nothing to write about this week so I put it out on Twitter for ideas.
For some reason a certain some one. You know who you are. Told me to write about my stupid cover of Nickleback.
So lets talk about it.

How it Came about

So Smoke talks about it in his original article But this is my side of the story.
You should all know that when Smoke asked me to write for this blog I was surprised.
I never thought of myself as a person who would do that kind of thing but I have found I quite enjoy it.
When Smoke said hey would you sing a song for the blog I was just like. Well honestly he said would you do something stupid and honestly my mind just when fuck yeah!
The honest truth is I love singing but I don’t think of myself as a singer.
Karaoke was my only domain for public singing so I thought this would be fun.
Honestly I had fun recording this cover and the reaction was very different to what I expected.

In case you haven’t heard it

If you haven’t heard my Amazing cover yet check it out here.

The Reaction

I mean I was meant to be an example of bad singers but it is honestly surprising at least to me how many people said they didn’t think it was that bad.
I mean yes I put a small amount of time in to it but honestly that was mostly learning the lyrics and that is about it.
But I had people telling me everything from it wasn’t that bad, To they would love to hear me do some other songs, to it was actually pretty good.
Now I personally think it was terrible but hey what do I know.

A challenge

So here it is a challenge to the BSG community.
Just for a bit of fun. If you people out there can get this article to 50 likes I will record another cover.
You have until the end of April 2019.
I will throw on an extra. If it reaches 70 likes I will let the Patreon Supporters of BSG pick the song I do as well.
Any one signed up to the BSG patreon will be open to submit song Ideas and the final song will be picked by a vote from all Patreon Supporters.

Update: The Cover Of Its Raining Men

After all was said and done the goals were reached, and the cover was recorded. You can listen to it below.


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