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Trauma by I Prevail, Review by Hannibal.

Does any one else remember the cover of Taylor Swift this band did. Good me neither.


Music reviews are back bitches! This week it is the second album by American new metal outfit I Prevail.
Artist: I Prevail.
Album: Trauma:
Released: The 29th of March 2019.
Label: Fearless records.

The Album.

Track by track lets do this.
01: Bow Down.
Released as the lead single for this album This song has the punch that we got from I Prevail on their first album. This song comes out swinging. Heavy and with plenty to offer! But with a catchy clean vocal hook for crowds to sing along too. This is a strong start for a new metal band in 2019!
02: Paranoid.
This song is very different to the opening on the album. Much softer with a much bigger focus on a more synthetic sound. While I don’t think it is as good as the opening track it is still a pretty good song.
03: Every Time You Leave (feat. Delaney Jane)
This album sees its third style shift on this track. This is a much more straight forward rock track. Feature artist have become some common these days often they can be over looked or steal focus from the main artist. But this song is a good example of a good feature artist that just fits in to the song. The real let down of this song is the start of the song includes the use of a stupid vocal effect on the clean vocals.
04: Rise Above It (feat. Justin Stone)
I don’t know what the fuck this song is. It gives me a headache to listen to. It goes from soft to rock, before dropping in to a dubstep sounding pile of shit only to switch back to the softer sound. Another feature artist and shit vocal effects this song is just a mess!
05: Breaking Down.
If this song was just the chorus it would be fantastic. Sadly the rest of the song exists and honestly it is a weak attempt to feel deep. They try to make it sound like important things are being said to get in touch with your emotions.
06: DOA.
Now this is what the last 3 tracks were aiming for that they pull off here. They manage to bring it together on this song. It is certainly an interesting sound but this song you can actually listen to! Bringing softer and heavy sounds in a mix of both it is a really solid song.
07: Gasoline.
Channeling Linkin Park on the heaviest song since the opening track. This is a metal track. It is short fast and heavy.
08: Hurricane.
This song could have been lifted from the sessions from I Prevails first album. It is solid but doesn’t offer allot however it does stand out just because of the ever shifting styles on this album this is a platform of stability on an ever shifting landscape.
09: Let Me Be Sad.
I mean the title says it all. It is a sad song. It is soft, slow and sounds like a sad song. Although I actually think this song is catchy.
10: Low.
What do I say about this. This is just one of those songs. I have nothing really good or bad to say about it. It falls in the middle of everything.
11: Goodbye (Interlude)
You could delete this song and it would make no difference to the album. I don’t know why it is here or why it is the third last song on the album.
12: Deadweight.
This song is the best showing of I Prevail. Heavy with a clean vocal chorus. Musically and vocally this is a strong fucking song!
13: I Don’t Belong Here.
This album doesn’t stick with any style very long so why not bring it down for a soft song at the very end. Dropping in to a semi acoustic track for the ending this is a pretty weak offering for the end of the album. But maybe most people have just switched off by this point anyway.

all Together

This hole album is honestly just a long mess. They have tried to do way to much and some of it has come off and some hasn’t. You could probably pick 5 or 6 songs and make a really solid ep but the rest of it is pretty shit!
Looking at the album as a hole I can honestly say that I don’t think that it is truly bad. But it is such a mess of styles and nothing to tie it all together.
In the end if you like I Prevail you will probably be ok with the album maybe even like it. If you are the kind of person who just puts music on in the background you can probably over look some of the crap on the album and just enjoy it.
In the end this album certainly doesn’t live up to I Prevails first album but than again they got big on live performance not studio recordings.

A few songs from this album

If you would like a taste of this album here are a couple of the tracks and a link to the hole album on Spotify.
Check out Bow Down on Youtube Here.

Check out Hurricane on Youtube Here.

Check out Some other song here on Youtube.

Check out Trauma on Spotify.


5.5 out of 10.


Have you listened to the album. Let me know what you think.
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