Life Simulator Review


It is the age old question of career over family. Personally I prefer to write blog posts and drink beer.


Call back to when I played bit life we are back with another Phone game that simulates life.
Game: Life Simulator.
Developer: Mind Vacation Inc.
Platform IOS.

About the Game

You start out with a small amount of back story. After your first play through of the game you can pick from several backgrounds but you start with a high school drop out.
From there you decide if you want to go back and finish school or just join the work force.
As you play you will have to make many choices and pick the way you want to build yourself up.
As it is a life simulator you can also work on relationships, take vacations, manage your finances, buy and sell property and focus on education.

Game Play

The game play is extremely simple but functional.
Every action takes up a week of time.
At the bottom of the screen you will find several categories.
Profile: Where you can organize housing, buy things you may need for work or vacation activities, as well as set certain automatic payments.
Vacation: Here you can do various things to relax from taking a week off to expensive holidays. You can also move to other countries here.
Love: Here you can date, manage relationships from kids to parents. You can also get pets.
Education: Where you can go to school from middle school all the way up to PHD studies. You can also complete several courses which give certain benefits including increased money and better use of time. Languages are also offered to allow you to travel to more destinations.
Work: Here you can take a job from beggar to youtube star. You can also start a business or if you prefer become a criminal.
Health: This is where you go if you need to stop yourself dying. You can also wind your health back by 10 years here for a price.
Bank: This is well…a bank. With draw or deposit money, take lone’s, buy and sell stock, buy lottery tickets and give money to charity.
While the game play is very simple you should also be ready to double tap allot if you are playing this game for any large amount of time.

What’s good

I think for me the biggest thing that sets this life simulator apart from any others I have played is the variety.
Deciding what you are going to do starting at the college level and working your way up I think is fantastic.
The fact that you don’t have to do what the game sets out works brilliantly.
This game also has lots of fun little things to work for to keep you playing which I like as well.
Daily rewards are nice and gives you a reason to open the app each day.
Achievements which unlock different perks also offer a nice reason to try different pathways.
I myself tried very hard to get allot of money which allowed me to unlock a perk on my first try. However I have been unable to unlock any others as I tried so hard to make money to the exclusion of all else.

The Down Sides

So we have talked about the good but what about the bad.
Well sadly the first bad thing is something I really hate. The fact is depending on what path ways you want to take this game is pay to win. Sure you can do lots of things. But if you are like me and want to experience the high end of things like the space hotel. You are going to need to pay for things in the store.
I tried very hard to reach the level of money needed with out paying and I couldn’t do it.
I refused to pay for any of those things which means in the end I never got to visit the space hotel.
The only other complaint I have is that the accessibility is not perfect.
Some of the stats don’t read properly. I mean you can get bye with out knowing what all the numbers are exactly. You can guess most of the time anyway. But it would be nice if I new if the points were going to help my sanity or my relaxation.
Otherwise the game is fully accessible.


I found it a little hard to decide what my rating for this game would be. In the end I realized this is not the best game you’ll ever play but some fun can be had.
7 out of 10.

Final Thoughts

I will be honest I smashed this game out over a week. I enjoyed playing even if pushing myself to play it for the review got a little wearing.
I think if you spread it out over more time it would be more enjoyable. Either way in the end I can genuinely say this is a good game and if you are in to this type of thing you should check it out.


Have you tried the game. let me know what you think.

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