Just Update it!


Update your shit!

Lets start with a joke cause I think most of you won’t like me after this one. How many people with short attention spans does it take to screw in a light bulb. Oh look a blue car.


This is my opinion you know all that crap.
I am writing this because I have had the same conversation so many times I feel like something needs to be said.

The conversation

So tell me how many blind people have had this conversation at some point.
person 1: Hey have you updated? [in cert program name] Person 2: No it is fucking shit now.
Person 1: Why? what’s wrong with it?
Person 2: It isn’t accessible any more.
Person 1: But why what is wrong with it?
Person 2: I don’t know I haven’t tried I just heard it isn’t accessible any more.
Person 1: So did you ask that person what’s wrong?
Person 2: No.
*Slams head against wall.

The problem

The problems here are as far as I can tell 2 fold.
First is that some times people make problems seem worse than they actually are. They confuse not accessible with different.
Now you might think I am being harsh here but I’m really fucking not!
I am not saying that programs aren’t being made worse by being updated. Certainly it does happen. But some times people make it out to be so much worse then it actually is!
The second problem is this. If no one knows what the problem is how can any one report it. I know that some of this community feel we aren’t listened to. But you can’t ask a company to listen to you if they aren’t hearing you to begin with.

The Solution

update your programs. I know some times this sucks. If you really need that program and have heard it will make things worse do the research. But if it is the program you use to send dick pics to strangers on twitter. update it. if there are issues with the accessibility report it and maybe, just maybe you will be able to send your dick pics soon enough.
Also if you do find a program has issues after up dating please for the love of god pass on what is wrong. Maybe others might have solutions. Don’t just say it is shit now and move on!


Up! Date! your! shit!
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