Amon Amarth – Berserker – Review


Amon Amarth Berserker – Review by Hannibal

I don’t really know what to write here. I got this album and wrote a review for it. So read it. Or don’t I guess.


Melodic Death Metal is where it is at. So check out this review for Amon Amarths latest.
Artist: Amon amarth.
Album: Berserker.
Released: the Third of May 2019.
Label: Metalblade Records.

About the Band

I will make no secret from the first that Amon amarth are one of my all time favourite bands.
Few bands have commanded the level of skill or consistency over more then 2 decades like Amon amarth have.
Bringing both a melodic style in the music they play, mixed with powerful lyrics drawn from Viking history and Nordic mythology they have managed to release 11 albums and toured the world countless times.
From playing to 2000 fans in Sydney Australia to headlining slots at massive European festivals playing to tens of thousands. They bring together metal fans of all walks of life in a way very few other bands could ever hope to achieve.
Still one of the most under rated bands currently touring this earth they are back swinging strong with album number 11 which is actually what I am here to talk about.


For a band who have consistently put out high quality albums it was always going to be tough to follow album number 10.
So where does a band who draw from Vikings go after an epic concept album?
To the berserkers.
This album has a fantastic mix of songs and brings out a side that isn’t seen as much in Amon Amarths previous releases.
While the album contains a healthy selection of metal songs. From the opening track to Ravens flight no one will question the heavy side of the album.
It is the almost stadium rock style tracks which have a stand out feel on this album.
Single Crack the Sky is a perfect example of this. Certainly not as heavy as some of the other songs on the album it has a catchy chorus which would allow for grate crowd sing along’s.
After over 20 years of making music Amon Amarth are still putting out solid albums in this album is easily able to stand with the best of there releases.

A Few Favourites

Here are a few of my favourite tracks from the album.
I fucking love this song. This is very much a classic Amon amarth track. all about the front line of a Viking battle, this song has an awesome feel and is just an all round good song.
Listen to Shield Wall on youtube here.

The first single for the album this is a phenomenal song. High energy and with lyrics that bring images of a grate battle this song is one of the best songs Amon amarth have ever released.
Check out Ravens flight on Youtube here.

The title track for the album the Berserker at Stamford bridge is a slow paced epic track. This song tells a tale of a 1 Viking holding a bridge against the English army.
Listen to the Berserker at Stamford bridge on Youtube here.

Listen to the album on Spotify here.


A solid album with little to say other than I fucking love this album!
10 out of 10.


Have you listened to it? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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