A comedian once said. “If I don’t get what I want I will punch every cunt in the room.” This attitude really does exist in the Blind gaming community.


Look i’ll be honest and admit this attitude exists in far more places than just the gaming community.
A program can be up dated and people give up on it before working out if it is actually bad.
People see a post and don’t bother to find out context before flipping shit!
But this article is about the gaming side of things.

Where you see it the most

Go! Entere! Start! Go now! Start pleese! Sttarrrrrt! Goooooo!
If you are wondering about the spelling in some of those you aren’t alone. Those are messages I have received on either Crazy Party or QC in the last few weeks.
Every single one of those was received by people in under 30 seconds of them joining a game or table that I was hosting!
This is exactly the problem. Sure if you join a table and after a minute or two they haven’t said anything perhaps you can ask nicely when they might like to start. But this rood shit needs to stop!

On Crazy Party

I have made no secret that I love crazy Party. I play it allot and in the last 6 months or so I have managed to start hosting.
These people that tell me to start can kindly go fuck themselves in what ever manner causes them the most pain!
Nothing pisses me off more and will make me likely to kick you than joining my table than telling me to fucking start!
Fuck you I will start when I am good and fucking ready. Maybe I just finished a game and I would like to use the bathroom or get a drink.
Maybe I know others are coming and we are waiting for them.
Maybe you can wait an extra 2 minutes and you need to sit the fuck back and shut the fuck up!
Nothing makes me want to punch people more than a new player who has asked a very reasonable question, While people are trying to help them others are spamming press enter. go go go. and other such bullshit!
We were all new at some point and if you aren’t willing to wait 1 minute to help them. Go fuck off back under the rock no one wanted you to come out from under.

What is fine

As I said above you can ask if and when the game is going to start. If you join a new server and after a minute they don’t seem like they are about to start. Feel free to just say. Hey are we waiting on more?
Are we starting soon?
But if you can’t be nice.
Please just go some where fucking else.
You want speed. Host your own fucking servers or tables!


Short but sweet. Do you agree?

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  1. I have been a tad impatient on bad days in the past I have to admit, but I’m working on that. What made me mad today was that someone said to press enter before everyone was even done the current game. IF you’re going to do that, at least, at the literal very least, check that you’re actually at a prompt where you can press enter.

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