Wired VS Wireless


Wired Verses Wireless.

Before I say anything let me just say one thing. Dongle! It is funny and if you have never once in your life laughed at the word dongle you are lying or dead inside. Not every time. But maybe the first time. Or when some when said they lost there dongle.


This is going to be an article about wired verses wireless technology.
Now this very much could be a very serious article with research, interviews with different people, good and bad things on both sides of the argument and much much more.
It could be but it isn’t. Why because I am Hannibal and that just isn’t my stile.
So instead sit back and enjoy this very serious article about how and why wireless things can suck my dick.

Before we Continue

Just before I go on I want to address something said in the last line of that introduction.
I am not suggesting as others who saw the draft of this article said that I have a wireless device to suck my dick. I deny this completely.
It is also wired I call her Rachel, she cost 59.99 on Amazon and if I stick my dick in to far I get a mild electric shock.
Now maybe that’s not true. But maybe it is. The important thing is you don’t know and you just pictured my dick in a cheep sex toy. Your welcome.

The best wired has to offer

Now I could talk about it being better not having to worry about battery life and all that shit. I could talk about the range of wired products but lets be honest here. A wired thing is better for 1 reason!
As a weapon a wired product offers so much more!
For starts if you are going to throw it you could just shuck it. But you also have the option of adding a swinging motion using the wire.
Not only that consider that the wire it self can be used both as a `whip and a method of throttling some one.
Plus for close quarters combat you have an easy retrieval method. Just hang on to one end of the wire. Throw smacking them up side the head. than yank the cable and suddenly your weapon of choice is back in your hand.

Plus sides to wireless products

Oh that’s right I will give you the up sides of wireless stuff as well.
Now I could talk about many things. But I know you all want me to get to the heart of that matter. So here it is.
It is easy to watch porn from the comfort of your bed when your shit is wireless.
Lets be real here you don’t want to be making the beast with 1 back at your desk.
Beast with 1 back is that a thing. Fuck it, it is now.
Any way you want to be chilllin in bed. If you can take the keyboard and headset with you, that experience will be so much better.
You can change your dirty stories, movies, books, music or sound effects what ever floats your boat than just go to town.
If things haven’t reached a climax and you need to make changes to what’s playing you can.
Plus at the end it is much easier to transport things that may need cleaning you know incase genital juice gets on it.
Thats right I said genital juice ladies you are not exempt from this behaviour.

Compare the pair

So the question is do you want a weapon or help watching porn?
I myself find that I can easily achieve the required porn with out wireless technology, so prefer to key wired stuff around incase any one tries to harm me and I need to defend myself with a keyboard or mouse.
But I do not judge if you feel your self loving sex life needs that little bit of help.


Perhaps I could do a serious article on this. But this was much more fun. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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