My name is Liam!

I Live on the Second Floor


I’d like to take a moment to thank these poor shmucks at BSG Blog for letting me write reviews. You’d think they could find someone better to do this sort of thing, but… Well… Here I am.


So you might be wondering who is this guy? My name is Liam as I’m sure you’ve already gathered. I’m well-known in the community for writing audio games. I also like long walks on the beach, back rubs, and the color blue.


My plan is to write some rviews of various audio games seeing as well… This is primarily an audio gaming website, and Hanibal is to busy writing about things he wants to do with kangaroos and vegemite. That being said, I have no problem with this. Hanibal has some great ideas I hope he puts in to practice. I just think we need more games!


My reviews are pretty simple. I pick a game, play it, talk about it’s good and bad points, and then give it a score. I primarily rank a game on how fun it is to play, bugs or lack of bugs, and whether the game in my opinion offers enough to keep a gamer interested. My views are completely subjective, and others may disagree with me. But if you get that upset by a review, then I suggest you calm down and do something else for awhile.


Keep watching out for game reviews.


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