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Outlaws ‘Til The End by Devildriver


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DevilDriver Outlaws ‘Til the End.

She was just a little bit Country. He was just a little bit metal. They were in a movie trailer style intro for an article that had nothing to do with a movie. So lets get back to music because music.


I put up a poll asking people if they would be interested in music reviews here on the blog a while ago. Some what to my surprise the over whelming response was yes. So I will be bringing reviews of rock and metal albums to the blog roughly once a month from here on in. Well unless it turns out people hate them but otherwise sit back and enjoy.
So I had a few ideas for what I would do for my first review but I decided to go with Outlaws ‘Til the End by Devildriver.
So sit back and enjoy my thoughts on a very strange cover album.

Outlaws ‘Til the End

I never thought I would see the day a heavy metal band was making an album of country covers. But here we are in 2018 and Devildriver have done just that.
Outlaws ‘Til the End [volume 1] Is a taste of two very different styles of music coming together in a way that some will love, some will hate and some will just be confused by.
I will admit I didn’t know outlaw country was a thing before I heard this album. But I have to admit it lends it self well to a heavy metal feel.
Stacking this album with guests both from the country and metal scenes meant that before we even pressed play my interest was peaked.
So with the accept ion of Copperhead road I hadn’t heard any of these songs before listening to the album. Perhaps that will skew the favour of the metal head in me but never the less, Lets dive in.

First play

So where do you start with something like this. Oh I know lets go with the beginning of the album.
As a Devildriver fan I admit my first thought was what is going on when the opening track started playing. This is not what I have come to expect from Devildriver.
A clearly heavy song but with the vocals of Hank Williams III it was certainly something different. The signature sound of Devildriver was present but something more was also here on this track. New tones and clearly a guest in Hank Williams III.
This opening wasn’t what I was expecting but fuck if it didn’t grab my at tension. I am hear to have my perception of metal tested so with 11 tracks to go bring it on.
This album launches in to an unrelenting track list that show cases many different musical styles.
From the opening we jump straight in to whiskey river a fast paced track ready to pack some series punch!
This goes in to Outlaw Man a much more relaxed track but with a more country tone to the over all song.
These opening 3 tracks lay a fantastic foundation for show casing what this album is all about. Showing the skill of Devildriver but also letting out some fantastic guest spots from Hank Williams III to Randy Blythe and Mark Morton of Lamb of god.
I would say the mid section of the album is where the album finds some stability. We see several tracks back to back that after the opening of the album just feel natural.
But the album wasn’t done with surprises as track 8 and 9 see a one two punch of a thousand miles from nowhere and copperhead road.
Now going in to this I had heard the song Copperhead Road but these 2 tracks were stand outs for me on this album.
A thousand miles from nowhere is a song that just grabbed my at tension from the first time I heard it. From layered clean vocals in the chorus to a really nice tone on the guitars in this track it is probably my favourite song after just 1 listen of the album.
Copperhead Road featuring Brock Lindow of 36 Crazyfists was just an interesting song. Pulled off pretty dam well this was also the only song I new coming in to this so I have to say I like this version of the song.
I know to many albums that have weak endings. Either the band ran out of good songs or just slap re mixes or some other bullshit on the end. But from track 1 to track 12 this album is solid.

Where does this stand

So a few days have passed and I have chucked this album on a few more times. I can’t help but to think about who is going to like this album.
When looking at this from the perspective of a Devildriver fan I think it is a brilliant album. I love my metal and I love Devildriver. They have taken 12 songs I would likely never listen to by choice and made them in to something that I fucking love.
I think Fans of the original songs might be less happy with the outcome of this album. I know what it is like to see bands take good songs and ruin them by covering them in a way that you don’t like.
Over all it is the fans of Metal who will like this album since it is metal covers. But hey if you are a country fan that likes a bit of heavy music this album might be just what you are looking for.


A good album worth a listen and I am sure it will get a few more listens from me.
8.5 out of 10\


Let me know if you check out the album. What do you think and what your favourite track is.

DevilDriver, Outlaws ‘Til the End Track Listing
Check out the Album on Amazon here.

Track Listing

1. “Country Heroes”
Written by Hank Williams III
Performed by Hank3 & Dez Fafara

2. “Whiskey River”
Written by Johnny Bush and Paul Stroud; recorded by Willie Nelson
Performed by Randy Blythe, Mark Morton of Lamb of God & Dez Fafara

3. “Outlaw Man”
Written by David Blue; recorded by the Eagles
Performed by Dez Fafara & Neal Tiemann of DEVILDRIVER

4. “Ghost Riders in the Sky”
Written by Stan Jones
Performed by John Carter Cash, Ana Cristina Cash, Randy Blythe & Dez Fafara

5. “I’m the Only Hell (Mama Ever Raised)”
Written by Bobby Bobby Borchers, Wayne Kemp, Mack Vickery; recorded by Johnny Paycheck
Performed by Dez Fafara & DEVILDRIVER

6. “If Drinking Don’t Kill Me (Her Memory Will)”
Written by Harlan Sanders, Rick Beresford; recorded by George Jones
Performed by Wednesday13 & Dez Fafara

7. “The Man Comes Around”
Written by Johnny Cash
Performed by Lee Ving of Fear & Dez Fafara

8. “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere”
Written by Dwight Yoakam
Performed by Dez Fafara & Neal Tiemann of DEVILDRIVER

9. “Copperhead Road”
Written by Steve Earle
Performed by Brock Lindow of 36 Crazyfists & Dez Fafara

10. “Dad’s Gonna Kill Me”
Written by Richard Thompson

11. “A Country Boy Can Survive”
Written by Hank Williams Jr.
Performed by Dez Fafara & DEVILDRIVER

12. “The Ride”
Written by J.B. Detterline Jr., Gary Gentry; recorded by David Allan Coe
Performed by Lee Ving of Fear & Dez Fafara

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