Kittens, Puppies and Cake!


Puppies, Kittens and chocolate Cake!

Who doesn’t love Puppies, they are so cute and fluffy. What about little baby kitties, so adorable and they don’t give a fuck! Final cake, cake is the best, have it when you are sad or happy. It is the good stuff. So read on for so much more about all these cute and amazing things!

What is ClickBait

Fooled you all, you thought I was going to write about puppies and kittens and all that other crap. Well you have just fallen victom to clickbait.
But what is clickbait. Well it usually refers to things like miss leading headlines on articles to make you click on it.
the idea is that you take a boring article. Lets say talking about Clickbait. But you trick people in to clicking on it by giving it a miss leading title people would be more interested in like. Puppies, kittens and Chocolate cake.
This is usually done to generate money on things that require views to make money. It is used on many things from youtube videoes to blog posts.
But can be used just to make something seem more popular by giving it views.

How to spot clickbait

To be honest for blind people this is harder. because some times it is as simple as photoes or thumbnails on the post or video are miss leading. But there are still ways to spot some.
21 ways to lose 40 pounds in a month.
Clearly clickbait, Schemes or tricks that sound way to good to be true honestly half the time are and are just clickbait.
Youtube videoes with titles like check out my big tits usually are as well. Just a blogger trying to grab attension.
Don’t get sucked in by boobs, cats or weight loss schemes. You can get this shit else wear with out having to read stupid articles like the one you are reading now!

Is there any thing wrong with clickbait

Yes there can be. Clicks that take you to websites that can be harmful are certainly negative.
You can also have clickbait that is the front for scams and other such bullshit!
So yes there are things wrong with it. But some of it is just lying and while that is bad it is the internet so who cares you should probably be working and not reading this crap any way.


Think it through before you click on something, and if it sounds a little to good to be true it just might be.

Not Clickbait

Well to avoid this article being clickbait here is 10 random facts about either Puppies, kittens or Chocolate cake.
1: a Kitten opens its eyes after around 8 days but can’t see properly till 2 or 3 weeks.
2: Kittens have lose skin at the back of there necks which mother cats use to move them if she thinks they are in danger.
3: It is believe kittens go througgh a form of ansity if they don’t perform cleanning after they eat.
4: Puppies are born blind, deff and toothless.
5: In the first week of a puppies life it spends 90% of its time sleeping and 10% eatting.
6: Puppies develope a sense of smell at 3 weeks.
7: A puppy is an adult around 1 year old.
8: You can’t have your cake and eat it too first appeared in the 16th century.
9: The meanning of cake has changed over time and different cultures have had different meannings for a very long time.
10: The most expensive cake ever made cost 35 million dollars. It was called the pirates fantacy and also contained several different types of jem stones and jewelery.

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