Hannibal’s Guide to Friendly Insults


Hannibal’s Friendly Insults:

Having spent my fair share of time on Audio games. And far more time then I can believe on the receiving end of some incredibly offensive insults. I thought now was as good a time as any to try and set a few people on the path to making the gaming community a better and more fun place to hang out.

The current state of things

The first article I posted was about the worst parts of the audio games community. The way people talk to each other in games at the moment can be deplorable. Some of the worst, stupidest or offensive of these things are.
Race, I mean really is that the best you can do. you were born in another country so I am better then you. What are you 12 years old?
Sexual orientation, I mean this one is wrong for to reasons. First its offensive to suggest that being gay is an insult. Secondly the amount of times men will suggest other men take sexual favours from other men. I don’t know what it is but these gay guys must get laid like crazy!
Random sware words, I mean this is my personal favourite. When some one is so mad they just sware at you. You fuck, doesn’t really seem like an insult but I have seen it used many times.

The anger with in

Keep in mind I know things can get on your nerves. I understand the pain of things in games that are just so god dam annoying. But you have to remember it is only a game. So sitting back and letting anger build up till you just start typing sware words every time you get killed in a PVP match, get beaten to the new area or maybe just can’t figure out what a few others have. It is pointless anger.
But that anger can be a beast. I have seen people I consider friends fly off the handle over things in games. I mean I can’t say that I have never said things in a weaker moment to other people. But you do have options.
So what can you do about this pointless anger? I am glad you asked.

Lets have fun

you need to find a way to channel anger. For me this comes in the form of being weird, random and or annoying.
So next time you are fighting in PVP and some one kills you for the 4th time. Don’t jump on chat and write a bunch of random swearing. Ask them what they like on French-toast.
This is a fantastic way to derail some one. Also French-toast is amazing so who doesn’t like talking about French-toast.
For those who don’t know allow me to take a moment to talk about French-toast.
French-toast is bread that has been dipped in milk and eggs. [possibly with salt]. then fried in a pan that has been lightly greased with a bit of butter. This is done until the bread or French-toast is lightly browned, and then served with any number of toppings including but not limited to, brown sugar, fruit, syrup, cinnamon, different sauces and many other things.
Wow way off topic. But back to the point. Some other ideas that I have used in the passed instead of being rood or offensive are: I found a seashell, I like bubbles, have you seen my turtle? [note I don’t own a turtle]. and I am sure you get the idea.

The conclusion

Their is a dozen more things I could talk about. From the abuse toward new or nub players on games. To abuse to developers and admins. But in the end its all the same and keyboard warriors will undoubtedly keep doing the same thing over and over.
If you take any thing away from this article. It should be French-toast is amazing. I mean don’t be a dick on games.
But if you must be a dick. Don’t act surprised when know one likes you!

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4 Replies to “Hannibal’s Guide to Friendly Insults

  1. Here’s one for you…
    If your going to write an article, than you need to check your spelling and grammar before posting it. 😛
    I’m not a stickler by any means, and I have to check my self all the time, but their are three super obvious things I’ve noticed.

    1. You split allot of single words with two parts into two words.
    2. You use the wrong versions of then and than in many places.
    3. You ramble a bit, which leads to sentence fragments, and occasionally too many commas.

    Other than that, you have some useful things to say, even if a couple of your reviews are devoid of any meaningful content.

    1. 1. you have to register to post a comment about spelling and grammar, just lol.

      2. folks who contribute will write how they want, spelling and grammar included. as long as it is readable and entertaining it is perfectly okay.

      3. Reviews devoid of any meaningful content. well that’s a simple fix, just don’t read them.

      Honestly, if you think you can do better than do it, contribute and find out. This is quite simple, be entertaining and write something people want to read. I’ve pointed this out recently on twitter but i guess I must do it here as well. We will never be a place for spelling and grammar nazis to come, if that is what you want then you won’t ever be happy. As for your devoid of anything useful comment, that is your opinion, and though folks seem to completely not agree with you, it is something you can openly post here in the comments section. This is also why there is a like and dislike counter on the top of every posts along with the comments section.

    2. lol also do you realise that you miss spelled then as than? You said, “than you need to check your spelling and grammar ” instead of saying then you need to check your spelling and grammar

  2. What do you like on your french tost? Damn good lol has anyone ever thought of a good way to piss people off? Well that’s a good one.

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