The 5 Best things About Audio-Gamers


The 5 best things about Audio Gamers

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the worst things in the audio-games community. But not every one and everything is bad. So lets talk about some of the good things and good people that are around.
So in no particular order, lets go!

5: Here to help

While so many in the audio games community are willing to sit by and watch you struggle. There are those willing to jump in and help the new players out. Weather that is by helping with information. showing them places, Or showing them the ropes. There are always seemingly a few willing to help out those in need. Many of us can still remember that first time we played an online game. It can often be difficult, so finding some one to act as a mentor can make the experience just that much better. Remember that next time you come across a new player struggling.

4: I don’t need it

Some players find it a lot harder to build up supplies in a game. Either because they don’t have the time to play like others, or just because they find it hard to get a handle on the game and reach the levels needed to achieve that kind of success. So in these cases in can be a kindness when some one with a spare set of boots, a sword they aren’t using or any number of other items to give them an item just to try and help out. Yes their will always be those who abuse this type of kindness. But we can still appreciate what they have done any way.

3 That’s dedication

I am sure developers hate when they put the work in to a game or games features and the players don’t bother with them. But you will find plenty of players out there willing to put the time and hard work in to getting that item, finish that quest, or explore that area. While some might argue that these people are few and far between. It is time to acknowledge those who work so hard to make sure the developers time is never wasted.

2: share a laugh or 2

for some people the real world is dark and scary. For others home or personal life might not be all it seems. But for those people an escape can often be found in online games. The fact is there is always a place if you look hard enough in the gaming community. Weather you want to talk music, games, books, movies or just talk shit. There are people in the community willing to talk shit and shop with you just for kicks.

1 A friend in me

Even in 2017 people can still think its strange that you call people you only talk to online friends. But for many people in the audio-games community we have developed friendships right here on countless games. Some times that’s over time, because you speak to them on Skype or another chat service, or just because your common interests bring you to exchange phone numbers, email addresses or some other means of communication. So never take for granted the friends you make online.

A note from the author

I believe now is a good time to point out coming up with this list was far harder then coming up with 5 things that are bad about Audio-gamers. We might want to think about that. But never the less. There it is.

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