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Crazy Party

The completely crazy game
Crazy Party. This is a game that some how manages to be both extremely simple. While also remarkably complex. Currently available in several different languages. With several different modes of play. I think the only way to talk about Crazy Party is to break it down in to different areas. So hear goes.

Mini Games

The first thing you will come to on the main menu after launching the game is adventure mode. Here is where you will play through worlds, play and hopefully unlock mini games in the off line mode. With just a single world to start with [the valley]. You will quickly find the number of worlds and mini games expands rapidly. With more then 10 worlds to unlock. and more then 150 mini games to play the off line adventure will take you quite some time. As an added bonus once you build up enough gems you can unlock hard-core mode and make the games even harder. But I am getting a head of myself.
The number of mini games in Crazy Party is amazing. But the thing that sets Crazy Party apart in my opinion has to be the way the mini games keep managing to be interesting and simple. When you first start out you will find your self playing some fairly basic games. Side scroll with limited actions other then running left or right. and a few open areas that require you to run around a small square or rectangle. But as you unlock more worlds. you will find many different styles of game. Some might still be just a side scroll. You might have to jump pits, avoid more and more enemies. using switches to open doors, climbing and diving. or any number of combinations of these things.
But it doesn’t stop there. Games of math, knowledge, speed and timing can also be found in these games.
Enemies provide another challenge in many of these games. Some are just there and you must avoid them. Some will actively chase you. Others still you must hunt down and kill. They also vary in what they are. From ghosts with a real grudge, To pissed off hedge hogs.
When I started playing Crazy Party I found it hard to believe that so many mini games could exist. But a brilliant idea that has been implemented with such success is mini games that are very similar but with certain elements changed. A perfect example is the turtle races. 3 mini games in 3 different worlds. All exactly the same. Run along a marked track and try and beet the turtle. In the first race through the woods. Getting off track isn’t the end of the world. its fairly straight forward. find the track and keep going. how ever in race number 2 across the water. get off track to far and suddenly your moving much slower. this means you need to get back on that track fast. Finally in race number 3. across the lava extra care must be taken. Stray to far here. and your dead.
Another fantastic element to the worlds is that many of them have multiple paths you can take. With different mini games. So as you play through each time you don’t have to play the exact same mini games every time. many of the worlds have several ending points which really lends it self to the changing up of the worlds. It also allows multiple worlds to be unlocked from a single world. As time goes on more worlds and mini games have been added and with every up date I can’t wait to find any new mini games that have been included.
Hard-core mode is another way to get you replaying some of these mini games. The hard-core mode adds new time restrictions obstacles or enemies to the existing games to make them just that much harder. This can be especially fun for people who have gone through and played and unlocked everything as well as having played on line.
Taking these mini games online is even more fun. Pitting you against others often in a race against the clock to see who can finish first.
Honestly the number of Mini games the varying difficulty levels and all the different ways to play them. The mini games alone have hours and hours of fun and that is before you get to the battle mode in Crazy Party.
Speaking of Battle Mode:

Battle mode

Mini Games not your thing. Have no fear. Battle mode is here.
Battle mode provides a certain level of skill, an element of luck and a heaping handful of time needed.
Crazy parties battle start with you versing and beating the 19 gyms in the game. Each gym represents a type, normal, fire, electric and many more. Each type has its own set of cards. Lots of different attacks, defensive cards, Environment cards and leveling cards.
As you unlock cards for the different gyms you can build bigger and better decks. Using a single types cards. or adding several types together to make A nice combo deck. Deck management becomes a key factor in playing online.
With over 400 different cards from 18 different types. and the ability to have up to 4 of any 1 card in your deck. there are lots of different decks that you can make.
Different types will work better against other things. So the skill here becomes knowing what works against what. And what cards to put in your deck.
With each of the first 18 gyms giving you the chance to take 5 cards in that type. and the final gym giving you the chance to unlock 10 cards from any type. you must play through the gyms several times to unlock everything. This will give you plenty of chances to learn the different types and when and how to use them before going online to verse other players.
Online battle mode servers go up a lot. With so many variations from how many turns, to number of players, teams or not teams, people with different decks. The battle often can bring lots of fun.


What can I say about boards. Does what it says on the box. You start out at the beginning and roll dice to move along. Each square you land on could do 1 of several things. Give or take away coins, play a mini game or give you a gift. These are just a few of the things that boards can do. Their is several boards in crazy party and these can be played both on and off line.
Their isn’t much point to boards. But they can be fun to play every now and then. You also can get blue crystals which you can use on boards.

Micro Games

The micro games are a feature exclusively online. These are short games in which the objective is to get the ruby.
Each game only last 30 seconds, so you only have that much time to work out what to do and complete it.

Putting it all together

All together Crazy Party offers not only a fun game you can play single player. But a game with countless hours of replay, and lots of multiplayer content as well. As you strive to unlock the worlds, cards, mini games, boards and other collectables. Before heading online to challenge others.
I think as long as more content keeps being added Crazy Party will remain a favourite of the people that play it. Possibly long after development stops.


9.5 out of 10

Try it yourself at The Developer’s Website

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  1. I think this plot really works because of how well you’ve paced the story. Your writing is so beautiful because you always know the right word for the right moment.

  2. I love this question you asked in the interview. That was so thoughtful. You know how to grab a reader’s attention.

  3. I have been playing this game for only a month and I am hooked! I just loved it so much!
    Best audio game I’ve played and I’ve certainly played some fantastic games! 🙂

  4. I don’t know if any game could get a 10 out of 10. No game i have played would get that. like amine says their will always be something their to keep a game from achieving a perfect score. Also jimmy i have played against the bots online. i just didn’t want to talk about every last thing hahaha other wise i’d still be writing.

  5. also he broke his headset dongle after he fell asleep during our first game against the bots. he had his dick in the laptop and it fell off his lap

  6. also now you can battle against the bots and shit like that. they’re coded really damn well if you didn’t try it yet Hannibal. its fun unless you’re playing with a tired sito, then good luck keeping the game from going over 12 hours

  7. it obviously has it’s flaws I mean every game does. BGT run time errors and what not, from time to time. So yep that’s at least what I think about it not getting a 10 of 10.

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