SpaceyVaders [Review] 2.0


SpaceyVaders : the Review : By Hannibal

This is an Audio-game, Developed in recent times. Based on an 80s arcade game, that I never played. So I can’t review it like I normally would. So instead I did it in limericks.

The Review

In a time not long a go,
Months maybe years I suppose,
Their was a nice chap,
With a top hat,
Had an idea to good to dispose.

He thought what if some alien dicks,
Show up and start being pricks,
What if they invade,
Send ships to raid,
We must get defences quick!

Some one suggested a taser,
But he set up a big fuck off laser,
It moves left or right,
So with a ship in your sight,
You can light that bitch up like a brazier!

But if you are beginning to fear,
A laser was his only idea,
You have 4 special weapons,
to point at the heavens,
and hope that no alien gets near.

So if you find your laser to slow,
And those ships are getting 2 low,
You can point up in the sky,
and watch aliens die,
With a rapid fire laser bro.

Maybe the speeds a bit quick you’ve found,
As all these ships come round,
Turn on a force field,
And watch as they yield,
and slow as they approach the ground.

But maybe there numbers are to grate,
And you can’t keep up at this rate,
A nukes there to help you out,
no need to bitch moan or pout,
Just smile as they all meet their fate.

But perhaps they’re closer then you’d like,
Then you need an electric strike,
So as they slip past,
your lasers blast,
You can fry them with your electric spike.

So now it is time to discuss,
The aliens tactics and stuff,
They will descend in a set,
But I am willing to bet,
That for them this is just not enough.

So at first the way they arrange,
and the way that they move will change,
First they go to the left,
and then all bereft,
They’ll head to the right to range,

accuracy is your best friend,
for the time in this game to extend,
Bonuses you acquire,
Will be to your desire,
As you start getting close to the end.

Many waves to send straight to hell,
Their is also mother ships as well,
These take 3 shots,
To end their lots,
But on these lives you won’t dwell.

So if I’ve convinced you to play,
Or maybe you just think well hey,
Hannibal seems like a nice guy,
We’ll give it a try,
This review was much fun I must say.


6.5 out of 10

Conclusion Amended

This game can be a bit of fun. While I personally find that the sounds in the game aren’t the best, The quality of the game play. does make this game worth checking out. Rocky-Waters Has put dozens of hours in to this and several other little games and bits of software which can all be downloaded for free at the following link.

try it here.

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