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Light Battle 1

Light battle 1, A game by Konsta Ranta inspired by Light-tech interactive. This is a new little game. So I thought I would just throw up a quick post about it.

The game

Have you ever wanted to be a Jedi? If your like me the answer is. Not really it seems like a lot of responsibility and I don’t got time for that.
However if you were to ask if I want a light sabre. The answer would probably be know. I can’t see to many applications for that in my day to day life.
But if you were to say. get on with it. I would say that I would like a turn playing with a light sabre.
By the way, Darth maul was an amazing character. Probably the best character in the hole series, But he is like the closest thing that movie has to a redeeming factor.
Try light battle 1. If you haven’t guessed by now. This game is a fun little light sabre duelling game.
So prepare for your Jedi training my friends. Its time to battle the sith.

Game play

After the game titles you will come to a fairly simple main menu. I don’t think I need to go through the different options here. The read me that comes with the game covers that.
Once you click play game. You will be able to pick your difficulty and then its time to fight.
The combat system is extremely basic. But you will need some practice to get it down. You will hear the sound of an attack either left right or roughly in the middle. You will have to press an arrow key to block each shot. Then using the up arrow to attack back.
I will leave the rest of talking about the combat to the read me. especially because in the 3 days I have had the game several up dates have happened. By the time you read this the information I give might be wrong.

difficulty and replay value

Their is several levels of difficulty. Each level has several enemies you can pick from. Allowing you to progress and learn at your own pace. and offering a variety of enemies to fight.


This game is short and sweet. But a game I personally really enjoy in little bursts.
8 out of 10


If you want to be a Jedi. You can get the game

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