Hannibal’s top 10 games part 4


Part 4

So here we are. the top 3 games in my end of year count down. Are you all ready to learn something new about me? Unless you already know very little about me in which case are you prepared for an unsurprising end to this count down? Good then lets go!

Number 3

QuentinC’s Playroom: Hey this is cheating

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Hannibal’s Top 10 Audio-games

Number 10


Hannibal’s Audio games Top 10!

Does it get more clich├ęd then an end of year count down? Probably but never the less here we are. This will be the first of the 10 count down articles as I count down my favourite Audio-games

How it Works

Before we jump in I just want to explain that some of these games especially

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