Crazy Party Mass Review


Crazy Party Mass Review

230 Minigames, 16 worlds. 1 review! Are! you! ready? Well it doesn’t matter cause here we go.


So what are we doing? This week I have reviewed all 230 minigames in Crazy party.
This was done during Beta 63 of Crazy Party. However in future I will review any future minigames that get added.
Before you ask. no I don’t know why I do this shit. Enjoy!

The Games

I have taken the list so all the games are numbered.
I have made a comment about all of them and rated them out of 5 stars.
So here we go.
0 Weeding the Woods
Fuck yeah simulated yard work! 3 stars.
1 Across the Sewers
Whats that smell. Oh its a game about running through shit streams. 2.5 stars
2 The Underwater Cave
Who the fuck is swimming through an underground cave with out a diving tank. This was just porely thought out. But it could be worse. 3.5 stars.
3 The Mortal Swamp
We had a game about shit and a game about water. What is that mud… you know what never mind. 3 stars.
4 Multiplications in Rhythm
Who likes math. know one. Well have some math anyway. Actually I like this game. 3.5 stars.
5 Additions in Rhythm
See previous comment. how ever I can confirm it is different math. 3 stars.
6 Subtractions in Rhythm
More math. fuck me! 3 stars.
7 Divisions in Rhythm
See previous or previous previous or previous previous previous comments. 3.5 stars.
8 Simon
Who is simon and why the fuck does he think I want to press these buttons in this order? 1.5 stars.
9 Arrange the Sounds
I like this game. It is like preschool all over again. 2 stars.
10 Speedy Reaction
OK its the hammer. thats not a hammer, thats not a hammer. thats not a, shit shit shit that was the hammer! 2.5 stars.
11 Working Waiter
As a blind person it is nice to get a game about a job I will never be able to do. But this game is actually pretty fun. 3.5 stars.
12 Descent Into the Mine
Now I will admit I don’t know how trains going in to mines work. But fuck I hope the systems in place in real mines are alittle more complicated thenthis. 2 stars.
13 Strange Pools
Now who exactly decided. Right what I need to do was run through this area with toxic bubbling pools in it. Also what is in these pools! 4 stars.
14 The Princess’s Garden
Water your own dam plants you lazy bitch! 2 stars.
15 Numbers Quiz
Oh fuck off! 1.5 stars.
16 True or False
I don’t know but this is a fifty fifty shot so just go for it! 2 stars.
17 Electrical Path
Run run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me i’m the oh fuck that was the electricity I was meant to be avoiding! 4 stars.
18 Hammer the Nail
MC hammer can take his nail and shove it right up his…. Well you know where! 1 star.
19 Catch the Duck
Ugly ducks ruin everything! 3 stars.
20 The Cannonball’s Slope
Balls. 2.5 stars.
21 Bombings
I feel like if you just looked up you might get more then1 second warning of a bomb dropping. 1.5 stars.
22 The Cursed Doors
I would like to see this game bug out some day and have no safe door. 3 stars.
23 Protect the Duck!
Is this the same ugly duck from before? If so I would like to offer the alternate plan of not protecting it! 2 stars.
24 Toxic Clouds
What the fuck is in these clouds. It seems to be some sort of well just fuck these clouds! 2.5 stars.
25 Sailing Across the Lake
Now I have never been sailing. But this game about sailing has allot of rowing involved! 1 star.
26 The Haunted Forest
Ghosts and snakes. I mean why ghosts and snakes. Are they ghost snakes? This makes no sence! 4 stars.
27 The Chasm’s Cave
I recently found out that bats are not birdes. That is it for this game! 3.5 stars.
28 Volcanic Zone
Erections of fire! 4 stars.
29 Batting Time!
Its like baseball. 1.5 stars.
30 The Princess’s Kittens
Yeah pat that pussy. Get it? It is a sex joke! 3.5 stars.
31 Space Invasion
Now if alians are invaiding. Why are they attacking in such a stupid way? 3.5 stars.
32 Labyrinth
Its a maze. Seriously that is it. 2 stars.
33 Spatial Vortex
This game can fuck off too. 1 star.
34 Parachute Descent
And this game can eat a flying pile of shit! 0.5 stars.
35 Electric Labyrinth
See my comments about the other maze. However I can confirm electricity is now involved. 3 stars.
36 Picking Flowers in the Woods
This game would be better if you could pick up the wrong flowers just so I could have the moment of knowing I killed grandma! 1.5 stars.
37 Coloured Buttons
Red, blue, blue, red, red, red, blue oh now thats wrong. oh fuck you! 2.5 stars.
38 The Bonus Deposit
Smashy Smashy! 2.5 stars.
39 The Queen’s Treasures
Now I hate ants at the best of times. but these ones are just pricks! 4 stars.
40 The Sticks Game
This is like 52 pick up but with more rules. 2 stars.
41 Harvesting Plums
I don’t like plumbs so fuck you! 2 stars.
42 Mastermind
I hoped you liked those math games cause this one is even harder! 2.5 stars.
43 Minesweeper
Lucky we aren’t standing really close to a bunch of live mines. Oh we are. shit! 3 stars.
44 Memory
Sorry I can’t remember what this games about. 1 star.
45 Guess the Number!
5529. 2 stars.
46 Store the Dishes
Isn’t this a waiters job. didn’t we already play that game. 3 stars.
47 Close the Shutoffs
I love the name of this game. Close the shut offs. 4.5 stars.
48 Run! Jump! Jump!
First you run. thenyou keep running. and you have to jump. it just kind of works! 2.5 stars.
49 Killing Mosquitoes
Kill every last fucking one! 2 stars.
50 The Eel’s Haunt
Ghost eels? I mean I know that word haunt is the only reason I think ghost eels but I stand by it! 1 star.
51 The Duck Snapshot
I don’t want a photo of ducks! 1.5 stars.
52 Hungry Penguins
Learn to feed yourself you little shits! 3.5 stars.
53 Dangerous Beach
Who thought this beach would be a fun place to hang out. crabs and eels that can kill you. Lets have a fucking party! 4 stars.
54 The Bookmark
I prefer to read books not just count pages but to each there own. 1 star.
55 Accompany the Duck!
Ok I am getting sick of these ducks. Also why is this duck afraid, all that these woods seem to have is bonuses. 2 stars.
56 Fire!
Fuck this game so fucking hard oh my god! 0.5 stars.
57 The Rainbow
This game has pretty sounds. Although it can be annoying! 2 stars.
58 Rolling Balls
Don’t touch my balls! 2 stars.
59 Unstable Platforms
Why do we keep choosing to hang out in these places. What possible benefits can you find in this place that just has ground that falls in. 2.5 stars.
60 The Bat’s Chasm
Can’t I have something to defend myself? 1.5 stars.
61 Diving for Pearls
oooo shiney! 3.5 stars.
62 The Jellyfish Bay
Can I just borrow the boat from sailing across the lake and avoid this all together? 1.5 stars.
63 The Coconut’s Beach
More people die every year from coconuts thensharks. So lets be glad there is no games with sharks right? right? oh. 3.5 stars.
64 Perilous Corridor
I still don’t know why this is one of my favourite games but it just is! 4.5 stars.
65 The wasp’s lake
I will just run here and fuck you fucking little buggy fuck! 2 stars.
66 Buttoned Doors
This is a dumb system! 2.5 stars.
67 The Stopwatch Corridor
Who puts doors on a fucking timer like this? 3.5 stars.
68 The Hedgehog’s Path
I don’t know what they are meant to sound like but these things make a weird fucking sound! 3.5 stars.
69 The Mushroom’s Path
I have nothing funny to say here. 2.5 stars.
70 Climb the Trees
Not a monkey. 3 stars.
71 The Frisbee’s Beach
I think if you line up with it but don’t hit f you should get hit and stunned for a second. 2.5 stars.
72 Dangerous Frisbees
Now this one is much more fun! 3.5 stars.
73 It’s Raining Flowers!
Stupid flowers. 1.5 stars.
74 The Princess’s Aquarium
Gross! 1.5 stars.
75 Across the Lava
Challenging and fun. 4 stars.
76 The Locked Bonuses
I have no idea if I like this game or not. 3 stars.
77 The Butterfly’s Tree
I like to think we are killing them not catching them. 3 stars.
78 Balloon Popping
Yeah fuck those balloons! 3 stars.
79 It’s Raining Bonuses!
Never really understood the name of this game but what ever! 3 stars.
80 The Maddening House
Been here didn’t enjoy. the game version is ok though. 3 stars.
81 The Hunting Ants
Fuck ants! 2 stars.
82 The Cursed Place
0 stars.
83 Buoy’s Beach
I actually liked this game more when you had to try and reach 10 not just 5. 2.5 stars.
84 Underground Facility
Lots of fun. 4 stars.
85 Waterworks
Better in hardcore! 3 stars.
86 the Robot’s Swimming Pool
Shaaaaaaaark. robot. 3 stars.
87 The Haunted Cemetery
I don’t know why but I just don’t like this game. 2 stars.
88 The Zombie’s Mansion
Who takes a sword to fight zombies? 3 stars.
89 The Diamond Mine
Can’t I just keep the diamonds? 2 stars.
90 The Troll’s Enclosure
To! many! trolls! 4 stars.
91 The Troll Snapshot
More wild life photoes? 2.5 stars.
92 Square Roots in Rhythm
Math glorious math. 3.5 stars.
93 A Race Through the Woods
The first of the turtle races. Not bad but I think the others are better. 3 stars.
94 A Race Through the Beach
Cheating fucking turtle! 3 stars.
95 A Race Through the Volcano
Burn turtle burn! 4 stars.
96 The Stingray’s Pit
Now how can you use an electric weapon under water? Just wondering. 3 stars.
97 Labyrinthine Reef
Oh this game sucks and the fish are stupid! 2 stars.
98 Extinguish the Wick
This game can suck a burning wick! 1 star.
99 Count the Sheep
Nap time? 1 star.
100 Take the Cows Back!
Does whistling at cows actually work? 1.5 stars.
101 Searching for Pheromones
More ants. Seriously fuck off ants! Actually this one is kind of fun. 3.5 stars.
102 Zombie’s Carnage
Can’t I have any better weapon thenthis sword? No ok fine. 4 stars.
103 Building a Path
I love dragons that sound like birds that have been given crack. Although this game is kind of cool. 3.5 stars.
104 The Castle’s Windows
No just no! 2 stars.
105 The Forest’s Bonuses
I find this game boring. 1.5 stars.
106 The Peaceful Mountain
Wind, wasps and ice in hardcore. What the hell is pieceful about this? 3 stars.
107 The Windy Peak
How small are we that the wind sends us flying? Or I guess how strong is the wind? 3.5 stars.
108 The Bouncing Ground
I love this game. Its silly and fun and just dumb. 4 stars.
109 The Stormy Summit
*sings thunder struck by AC/DC. 3.5 stars.
110 The Fireclouds
A game that is easier in hardcore thennormal. 3.5 stars.
111 The Strange Cylinder
This game is a really amazing concept. Tricky but not impossible. 4.5 stars.
112 the Crab’s Island
I don’t want crabs! 2 stars.
113 Mycological Walk
Can I just say all the mushrooms are bad and move on? 2 stars.
114 Measuring Trees
Shit game! 1 star.
115 Railroad Management
Worst game! 0 stars.
116 A Path Across the Cactuses
Its like a turtle race but with out the turtle. Kind of wish the turtle was part of it but hey still fun. 3 stars.
117 Snake Charmer
Fuck you whistling at a snake would not work! But a fun concept and I know allot of people don’t, I actually really like this game! 4 stars.
118 Pasturing the Camel
I don’t think they sound like this. Oh more whistling. Still kind of funny. 3.5 stars.
119 Salt Unloading
Can I just say it. Cruelty to animals! 3.5 stars.
120 The Wells and the Galleries
I am completely nutral about this game. 2.5 stars.
121 Cut Down the Cactuses!
If you aren’t meant to run with scissors, I am certain you aren’t meant to run with a fucking axe! 3 stars.
122 The Polluted Beach
What are we cleanning up here? Better question are we using a spray bottle to clean it up? 3.5 stars.
123 Robot Quality Control
Smash the robots! Although I am concerned this production line has way to many shit robots. 3.5 stars.
124 The Falcon’s Snapshot
I do not want to take photoes of birds! 2 stars.
125 Desert Express
I consider this game exactly how driving a train would work! 3.5 stars.
126 Crush the Moles!
I love this game. Killing things is fun! 3.5 stars.
127 A Drawing on the Sand
Is this really drawing? It is more like blobbing on the sand. Oh god after writing that I like the name drawing better. 3 stars.
128 Mirages for Bonuses
Fuck you. Anything that has bonuses just disappearing on me is not ok! 1.5 stars.
129 Drip Drop
This game just makes me want to pee! 2 stars.
130 Thirsty Mountain
I’m sick to death of these mother fuckings snakes on this mother fucking mountain! 3 stars.
131 The Pyramid’s Doors
What the fuck sort of pyramid is this? Oh pyramids were full of chambers and stuff. oh. oh. Never mind. 3 stars.
132 The Haunted Pyramid
Ghost killing sword. 2 stars.
133 The Dragon’s Scales
What are these scales going to be used for? Oh who cares. 2.5 stars.
134 The Metallic Welding
I don’t think this is what it is to be a black smith. 2.5 stars.
135 The Cold River
Swimming in a river with ice on the banks doesn’t seem like a smart idea. 2 stars.
136 Bonuses on the Ice!
I don’t hate this game I just find it boring. 2 stars.
137 A Peaceful Descent
Who does this on a mountain with so many rocks? 2.5 stars.
138 Slalom’s Descent
Doors? what are these doors here for and why? 3 stars.
139 The Snowball’s Road
I hate this game. Not because I think it is bad. I just suck at it. 3 stars.
140 Cut Down the Fir Trees!
I like this game. but at the same time I don’t. its kind of boring but the cutting down of the trees is more interesting thenmost other cutting games. 3 stars.
141 Transport the Penguin
Hey mother penguin, Take care of your dam children! Your just sitting there you didn’t even try to find them. 3 stars.
142 Glacial Lake
Boring. I also hate the number 9 and 10 is almost always so far apart. 1.5 stars.
143 The Stalactite’s Cave
I love this game. its short and just fun. 3.5 stars.
144 The Frozen Mansion
Ghost sword. Can I just say fuck this game. I know that I have said that about a few other games. but still fuck this game! 1.5 stars.
145 Sliding Between the Buoys
Boobs. this is boobs. 3 stars.
146 The Snowflower’s Path
Snow flowers? Is that a thing? I don’t think that this is a thing. 3 stars.
147 Polar Bears Hunting
This is fun. Don’t know what else to say. 4 stars.
148 Treasure Under the Ice
You know what this treasure can stay there. It seems happy where it is. 2 stars.
149 Chased on the Ice!
Why does eating fish make you fast? Also how do the crabs not get crushed by the you know what never mind. 2.5 stars.
150 Boreal Forest
I have never heard an elk. I am like 73% sure they don’t sound like this. 4 stars.
151 Making a Giant Snowball
Get ready for some keyboard fingering. 3.5 stars.
152 The Flying Boat
Ok love this game! So much! 4.5 stars.
153 Jumping Penguins
What are these penguins doing. Also how do we not crush them when we land on these. 4 stars.
154 The Mountain of Crevasses
Butt cracks. These are butt cracks. Don’t ask what the winds are. 3.5 stars.
155 The Bomb’s Lair
This game was so frustrating the first time I played it. but I have come to quite enjoy it. 4 stars.
156 Destroying Walking Bombs!
This game can fuck off. It is fun but it can still fuck off! 3.5 stars.
157 The Mountainous Gorge
I dislike these games and I don’t care why that is. 2.5 stars.
158 Imprisoned Penguins
Why are all the penguins in Crazy Party so stupid? They deserve to stay stuck. 3 stars.
159 Marking the Road
I just imagine a little police duck from the valley doing this. This game works but there really isn’t much to it. 2.5 stars.
160 The Castle’s Bonuses
One of the best bonus games in Crazy Party. 3.5 stars.
161 Butterfly Powder
I honestly feel sorry for these butterflies. This is just terrible! 2.5 stars.
162 The Princess’s Gifts
More fingering! 3.5 stars.
163 The Polar Beach
These trees are dicks and I think I want my saw from another game to cut them down! 3.5 stars.
164 Road Reparations
This game is fun but very simple. 3 stars.
165 Catch the Rats!
Gross! Rats and a sewer. This is really really gross! 3 stars.
166 Tree Pruning
I actually really like this game. Much more fun in hardcore. 4 stars.
167 The Castle’s Wall
Who the fuck thought hey to test our defences we will fire cannons and swing swords at the inspecter? 4 stars.
168 Exercise on Calligraphies
Weird game. Some fun though. 2.5 stars.
169 The Musical Doors
This is a fun game. Certainly a cool concept. Done really well! 4 stars.
170 funny bowling
I mean this isn’t how bowling works. But I guess its name makes sence. Funny bowling. 3.5 stars.
171 The Top of The Skyscrapers
Where the fuck are we a fucking war zone? 4 stars.
172 Ant Traps
How can an ant trap kill me too? How big am I? How big are the ants? 3.5 stars.
173 The Princess’s Letters
I am not a mailman! 2.5 stars.
174 Aquarium Photographer
Why am I taking so many photoes of animals! But this one is the most interesting of these games. 3.5 stars.
175 Crossing a Studio
What is this studio? Why is there buttons for these doors. What is going on? 3.5 stars.
176 Bonuses on Travelators
This game is simple and is just about getting points. 2.5 stars.
177 Destroy the Small Cars!
Some challenge, lots of smashing and a fun game. 4 stars.
178 Small Car Driver
This game is slightly tricky to get the hang of but a fun game. 3.5 stars.
179 Road Crossing
No, just no! 1 star.
180 Count the Cars
Really boring! 1 star.
181 The Electric Tower
I like this game for the smashing stuff. I don’t like it cause I suck at it. 3.5 stars.
182 The Braille Test
This game is fun but would suck if you don’t know braille. 3 stars.
183 The Imprisoned Fish
Dumb fish swim around the stupid rocks! 2.5 stars.
184 The forgotten cold room
I mean I don’t really see what the fuck this game is meant to be. But it is lots of smashing sounds so fuck it! 3 stars.
185 Paparazzi’s madness
These guys are dicks. they also sound really weird. 2 stars.
186 Bonuses in the clouds
This is interesting but not all that fun. 2 stars.
187 The frisbees of peace
Yeah I agree fuck boats. Honestly I love this game! 4.5 stars.
188 Powder recipe
An interesting game and kind of fun. 3.5 stars.
189 Clandestine arena
If I wanted to watch a battle I would and I don’t want it in my minigames. 0.5 stars.
190 The clocks of the village
This game goes like clock work. Get it? Its a pun. 3 stars.
191 Bicycle path
Boring. used to be better. made to easy. 2 stars.
192 Beneficial cloud
The reverse of that acid dropping cloud game. Kind of fun. 3 stars.
193 Bridge construction
I have mixed feelings about this game. Its alright but not grate. 2.5 stars.
194 Turn the die
I don’t really know how to feel about this one either. 2.5 stars.
195 Horse jumping
Got to love beating the shit out of a horse and making it jump! 3.5 stars.
196 The rainbow road
I love the concept for this game. But in practice there really isn’t much to it. 3 stars.
197 Storm on the rainbow
A nightmare of a fucking game. 3.5 stars.
198 The rainbow tower
One of my favourite games. It just has some of it all. 4.5 stars.
199 Colored flowers
Shit game wouldn’t play! 0 stars.
200 Dew for butterflies
Frustrating game but not a bad concept. 3 stars.
201 The haunted ruins
Trapped between a ghost and a door when a rock falls on me makes me think I hate this game. But actually its lots of fun. 4 stars.
202 Cannonball throwing
Fuck this game. didn’t like it and still don’t. 1 star.
203 The bulls enclosure
Now this game is fun. I love dodging bulls. 3.5 stars.
204 Crystal rain
I want to know why it is raining crystals. But its a fun bonus game. 3 stars.
205 Hidden palace
Fuck fuck shit fuck! 4 stars.
206 Commando of cats
Its killing rats and commanding cats. What more could you ask for. 3.5 stars.
207 Numbered slabs
I love this puzzle but I still don’t know the trick to it. Lots of fun. 3.5 stars.
208 Pollination of date palms
We are helping trees fuck. 1.5 stars.
209 Bonuses and bulls
One of the hardest bonus games in Crazy Party. 3 stars.
210 Crossbow shot
Shit game. Very boring shouldn’t exist. 1 star.
211 Extraterrestrial beach
I love this game. I love jumping games but the idea behind this one is amazing! 4.5 stars.
212 Extraterrestrial volcano
Again love this one just a really fun twist on some older games. 4 stars.
213 Log cut
I like this one. Its not grate but a fun little game. 3 stars.
214 Bonuses on the asteroids!
A tricky one but fun. 3 stars.
215 Explode the rocks!
Space ducks. They are space ducks. Oh and the game is fun. Although I do wish you were meant to kill the ducks! 3.5 stars.
216 Ghost ship
I hate ghosts. I really do. This one is probably the best of the ghost games but I dislike them all! 3 stars.
217 Fortune ship
This is a fun coin grabbing game. I like it! 3.5 stars.
218 Atmosphere analysis
I don’t like this. It is an interesting concept but its frustrating at times. 1.5 stars.
219 Conversion of large distances
I mean I don’t mind this game but it isn’t a grate game. 2.5 stars.
220 Circuit cleaning
This is more interesting thenanything else. 2.5 stars.
221 Life under the ice
This is fun. I love the tracking element to this game. 4 stars.
222 Questions for an astronaut
I like this game. One of the few games I hate in hardcore but enjoy normally. 3.5 stars.
223 Radiation accident
I don’t want to help any of them! 3 stars.
224 Manual take-off
I think half the reason I like this game is the reaction I have seen from people the first time they play it. Its not tricky but it trips people up the first time they play it. 3 stars.
225 Hyperspace jump
Love this game. It is so much fun. 4 stars.
226 Space Rodeo
I hated this game with a white hot hatred of burning hate the first time I played it. But it has grown on me. 3 stars.
227 Magnetic vortex
Another game with an awesome concept. 3.5 stars.
228 Oil installation
There is a special place in hell for games like this. 0.5 stars.
229 Small bridge for duck
This is the stupidest duck in crazy party. But a fun game. 3.5 stars.

Final thoughts

Reviewing my list of games I realised I didn’t give any of them 5 stars. Honestly I could go back and give some of them but instead I will just say that nothing is perfect!
I love Crazy Party allot and play it even more!
If any more mini games get added I will up date this article with reviews for all new mini games as well.


I hope you enjoyed this rubbish. If you have any suggestions or comments let me know in the comment section below.
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