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Background Music in games:

Of all the commands asked about on games. The one you will see the most is, How do you turn the music off or down?
As people first open games. Usually not bothering to read the read me provided to learn the key strokes. Often one of the first things they want to know is how do you get rid of the bloody music.

Why its there

Background music serves 3 main objectives. The first is setting the ambience for an area or level for a game. Secondly it can help hide crappier sounds or visuals with in the game. and the third is 2 annoy the players that don’t like it.
Often the quality of the background music leaves players wondering why on earth this developer spent so much time designing this game only to put this crappy music in. its like wrapping the best gift you could imagine in Brown Paper.

Why is it so bad?

The simplest answer is that most developers don’t have the money to pay for high end sound tracks. Completely understandable in a small community like the audio games community. But never the less annoying. The other reason is that many favour short clips that can be put on a loop. Nothing more then a few bars to drive the players insane.

The solution

The solution is simple. Stop playing games. If that seems far to extreme A secondary solution might be to just turn the background music off. Yes I know. In many games you can’t turn it off. You might be able to turn it down. But not all the way off. The solution for that is to pester the developer to put in a button to turn it off, or failing that down. The only other thing you can do is cry.
In the end most games turning the music off. or at least way down is good enough. For most people that will do and for the select few that like the music they can listen as long as they like. Or till they find something worth listening to.

Leave a comment if you like the music in any of the games you play.

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2 Replies to “Background Music in Audio Games

  1. I tend to like the music in stw, however, I find myself turning up up or down depending on what map i’m on, some of it is just plain awful, but some is nice.

  2. I don’t really find music as something annoying, however I get so much frustrated of the long unskipable intros in the game start. Just like Angelgift, it’s so annoying to listen an intro of almost 10 minutes to then start playing

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